10 perfect getaways to do in Spring

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One of the times of the year in which people prefer to travel, without a doubt, is during spring, above all because climate it is much milder than during other times of the year.

In addition, the days are a little longer and the places that can be visited are not usually full of tourists.

One of the aspects that helps to complement the perfect trip is to select a specialized travel agency. It is because of that Estiber is your ideal choice for perfect spring getaways anywhere in the world.

Estiber provides its users incredible offers and various packages that include activities and stays in the best hotels. In addition to the attractive prices, the agency is responsible for managing your entire trip.

Read on and Meet 10 perfect getaways to do in Spring!

Port Aventura

It is characterized by being a complex designed for leisure; is located in Spain, specifically in the municipalities of Salou and Villaseca. It is cataloged as one of the main attractions of the Costa Dorada area.

Spa Caldea-Andorra

It is known as one of the greatest references of thermal leisure in the entire European continent, this its facilities are in excellent condition and for providing proposals aimed at all types of users.

The Caldea spas they are one of people's favorites for being a unique place and in which the water has a playful and purifying dimension at the same time.

Costa Rica

It is a nation that is positioned as a nature sanctuary within Latin America. It is the preferred destination of the people who love doing ecotourism, since it has biological reserves and around 29 natural parks.


It is one of the most incredible and fascinating destinations in the southeastern part of the Asian continent. It has striking natural spaces, paradisiacal beaches and a gastronomy that stands out.


It is a country that stands out for its picturesque architecture of its towns, which are characteristic of this nation.

There are several options to know here and it is important to note that its gastronomy is considered one of the best on the continent.


It is a island known as the happiest in the Caribbean. It is located outside the limits of the hurricane belt, so it has more sunny days than the other Caribbean islands, so you will enjoy its beaches with crystal clear waters to the fullest.

The best thing to do when visiting this place is to combine walks to the sea with other attractive activities, such as visiting the dunes or caves.

United States-New York

America is one of the best countries in the world, and in this case New York It is one of the ideal cities for travel during spring and has a series of attractions that you will love.

The impressive architectures, museums, food markets and interesting musicals are some of the reasons to visit New York.

Netherlands- Amsterdam

During the spring, in this European Country, especially in Amsterdam tulips bloom, representing one of the temptations to do outdoor activities and enjoy the colorful landscapes.

In this beautiful city in the Netherlands you can browse through the channels, visit the largest tulip garden, go to the floating flower market and visit other places of interest for people you will love.


This it is the second largest country in the world and when visiting it during the spring time, one of its attractions are the rocky mountains, so you can not miss visiting them if you go to this nation.


Colombia It is a South American country that is characterized by having very beautiful, touristic and well-preserved cities. The departments with the most tourist projection are Valle del Cauca, La Guajira and Nariño, so you can organize a perfect getaway with stever, an agency specialized in incredible offers for activity + hotel packages.

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