3 ways to do tourism in our country that you must try

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Traveling and sightseeing in Spain is a phrase that hides hundreds or thousands of possible places and many ways to approach each of them. Everyone will discover in their own way, but here are some interesting ways and essential proposals to enjoy the geography, culture and history of Spain.

What do you want to do? From that question, countless proposals arise, since from beginning to end Spain has many destinations for each type of requirement, for each climate preference, budget or desire to experiment.

Discover summer in all its splendor

To speak of summer in Spain is to speak of places with their own name, as in the case of Ibiza. The island, like Formentera, are among the most interesting proposals for those who seek to enjoy the Spanish summer in all its splendor, especially for being two of the places with the most sunny days, adapting to the most demanding beach palates.

What if all its splendor it is, the services of Ibiza Central Charter They go directly to it, being the most reliable and well-known company for the rental of boats and yachts -boats in general- both for days and weeks, ideal for people, groups of friends or families who come to these islands looking for tranquility , but without sacrificing the enjoyment of being nestled in the sea in your own boat, at least for the days.

Encounter history through religious temples

There are many ways to get closer to the culture and history of each Spanish city or town. But because of its religious tradition - driven by various cultures and civilizations that have passed through these lands -, an impregnable way to connect with the most intimate common thread is through religious temples.

In Spain there are religious temples that are important for their importance, for their origin and for being part of unrepeatable events within the religion in particular. Others, on the other hand, have an unprecedented artistic and symbolic connotation. Both proposals are as attractive as they cannot be postponed.

Such is the example of Sagrada Familia. as Barcelona, a distinctive element within architecture, art and religion not only in Catalonia, but in Spain and in Europe completely.

Designed by Antoni Gaudí - being, in the opinion of historians, his most important work -, it is still under permanent construction and remodeling, but it keeps the historical particularity and the level of detail typical of the Catalan artist.

Although when you move away from art and go deeper into the pure history of religion, in Spain there are also monuments that you must visit.

The case of the Holy Chamber of the Cathedral of Oviedo, and the complete cathedral, for being part of the Camino Primitivo, one of the fundamental Catholic pilgrimage routes, it is one of the best known.

This Oviedo temple was for a long time the most popular religious center in this European region, even above the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela.

Magical towns, anchored in time

For many reasons, people are drawn to magical towns and rural tourism. For most people it is a kind of ancestral reunion, while for others it allows reconnecting with nature, exploring the silence and tranquility in places not so crowded with tourists.

The best is when these places are not so far from the main cities, as is the case Buitrago de Lozoya, the walled town less than 1 hour from Madrid, that in addition to having the best preserved wall in that area of ​​Spain, it has important historical monuments dating from the Arab passage through these lands, and because of the tranquility and the climate that it has, it is a must see for those looking for a settlement near the Sierra del Norte, with the tranquility of times past.

Thousands are the proposals to discover in Spain. If you like summer tourism in all its splendor, Ibiza by boat is an immediate synonym. If you are looking for a review of history, native culture and artistic and peace manifestations, from walled towns to centuries-old temples you will find them all over the country.

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