5 plans you can do in Ibiza with friends

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Ir a Ibiza with friends is one of the activities that we should all have the opportunity to do at least once in a lifetime. This is the perfect setting to have fun without thinking too much about anything else, but getting carried away by each adventure on the beach, on a boat or at a great night party.

Taking advantage of the fact that summer has already arrived and that plans to go on vacation are the priority on most agendas, considering a getaway for a few days to Ibiza with friends is an excellent option to ensure that the investment is worth it. With friends you can do many things in Ibiza and here we are going to see some of them.

Party on board a boat

A party is a party and can be enjoyed in almost any setting when the atmosphere is right, but a boat party is another level. In Onlyibizaboatparty.com offer this activity as a unique and special occasion, where you can enjoy with your friends from Ibiza having a great time.

Among the activities of the boat party are the well-known foam party, enjoy open bar for drinks, such as soft drinks, sangria and beer, consumption of good food, with paella and fresh fruit, and the best animation with live DJ. In addition, as a better package is chosen, you can select the option to visit Formentera or take a jet ski ride.

dance in nightclubs

Going to Ibiza and not dancing in at least one nightclub is like never having been there. These are typical activities to do with a good group of friends and arrive with the party until the sun begins to illuminate with its first rays of light.

In fact, many clubs in Ibiza are rated among the best in the world, bringing together the best DJs and exponents of the world of music. It is not uncommon to find a famous person also enjoying a good party.

enjoy a sunset

A more leisurely activity than the previous two, but which can also give a moment that will remain in the memory forever, is to enjoy a sunset. Due to its location, Ibiza is capable of giving away the most spectacular sunsets in the world, worthy of a postcard.

And when imagination and creativity appear, it will be more than possible to have souvenir photos with a very special added value, where only the group of friends, the sun on the horizon and the cliffs will be present.

To practice water sports

It would be very strange that an island as incredible as Ibiza does not have a wide and attractive offer of water sports for almost anyone. This is the ideal type of activity to do with friends, especially if you haven't done it before, because laughter will be guaranteed.

It will be possible to advance in the sea thanks to the practice of paddle surfing or delve into the depths to fully observe the marine life thanks to the snorkel.. In any case, the fun will be present.

Know the beaches and coves

And finally, no plan for Ibiza would be complete without touring the wonders of its beaches and coves. There is a lot to do here, thanks to the great variety of beaches that exist, as well that in order not to miss anything, it is best to plan a list of options to run for a certain number of days. Keep in mind that many people could fall in love by spending more time there.

For this activity to really be enjoyed to the fullest, it is convenient to rent a car with which to travel without being aware of the schedules.

Ibiza offers an ideal plan for everyone, and in the case of groups of friends, they have true luxury alternatives. It only remains to decide on the best one for each case or, why not, take advantage of more than one on the same trip.

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