Mauritius - Island travel guide: all the basics and essentials


Travel guide to the Republic of the island of Mauritius: all the basics and essentials.

Mauritius - Spectacular beach on the island
Mauricio - Spectacular island beach © Yuguesh Fagoonee -

Mauritius is a charming island with colorful landscape illuminated by the sun and the wonderful color of the Indian Ocean, it is a perfect place for rest and fun, this place has kept different secrets of history and culture which you can discover as you make a good tour

Officially it is registered with the name of Republic of Mauritius Although it is better known with names such as "Isla Mauricio" or "Isla Playa", this last name is due to the fact that its greatest attraction is its wonderful white sand beach that blends perfectly with the rest of the landscape.

Historically, Mauritius is a great example of development. Formerly it was a low-income country, basically dedicated to agriculture. After its independence, 1968 began its great development until it became what it is today. One of the great advantages is its landscapes, species in flora, fauna and in general all the environment that is quite relaxing and ideal for rest, this makes tourists prefer it, which is why its development has become quite large and it can be said that accelerated since it is well structured and receives good economic tickets for various tourism activities.

In an experience for Mauritius, the person can get in touch with nature and several activities designed for rest and fun, it will certainly be something to never forget.



How to get to Mauritius?

Mauritius - Land of the seven colors in Chamarel
Mauritius - Land of seven colors in Chamarel © Konstantin Kulikov -

Mauritius is located southwest of the Indian Ocean and the best option to get to this place is by air.

There are many European airlines that you have contact with Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport, this airport is located in Plaisance, to 45 kilometers from the capital, Port Louis, airlines offer different offers that can be used according to the comfort with which you want to travel.

Another option to arrive is by sea through a cruise or yacht, this option is little used especially if it is only to get to the island.

Before traveling to Mauritius, it is necessary to take into account that a passport with a minimum validity of 6 months is required for 90 days in addition to a return or continuation ticket in the place.

Vaccines against yellow fever and anti-malaria prophylaxis are also recommended.

What places should be visited in Mauritius?

Mauritius - Chamarel waterfalls inside the island
Mauritius - Chamarel waterfalls in the interior of the island © Konstantin Kulikov -

The beautiful landscape of Mauritius allows us to visit many places with natural and historical purposes, although there are many, we will highlight the most important:

Mauritius Aquarium: this large aquarium is made up of more than 200 species of fish, corals, invertebrates and other small marine species, it is ideal to know details about the flora and marine fauna of Mauritius.

Botanical Garden of Pamplemousses: it is an ideal place for those who enjoy knowing plants, is considered one of the best botanical gardens in the world since it has more than 600 species of exotic plants.

Black Rives Gorges National Park: it is the highest point of the Island, it allows you to have contact with a great variety of flora and fauna as well as to see its division between dry and wet forest.

Natural History Museum Port Louis: it is located next to the government palace, it has a great variety of wildlife that combines birds, fish and butterflies, it is a wonderful place that lets you know more about the nature that surrounds the island.

Museum of Natural History: it is another of the museums that we can find specialized in natural history, here are the skeletons of dodos and many extinct birds, you will also see other species unique in their species.

Mont Choisy beach: it is ideal to enjoy a romantic sunset.

There are many places that we can find where besides knowing about history and nature, you will be able to enjoy activities such as diving, deep sea fishing, snorkeling, surfing, sailing and much more.

What are the means of transportation in Mauritius?

The island has a bus line that allows you to travel around Mauritius and its surroundings, passing through main places although they can be slow and uncomfortable.

We also find taxis which are highly recommended, although they are more expensive, it is a safe, reliable means and with taxi drivers who serve as guides.

You can also rent a car at the airport or along the island, however this can be a problem because of the way you drive as it is not the usual to which we are all accustomed. Although thinking about this there is a service where you rent a car with driver who will be at the service at all times and place, it will be a great guide for the journey but it is quite expensive.

What can you eat in Mauritius?

The great cultural mix in Mauritius make their cuisine very varied, the combination of French, Chinese and India allow to have basic ingredients such as rice, chicken, fish and sea animals in general.

The main dishes are made up of spicy rice with a mixture of vegetables, seafood, fish, meat and spices. Among the typical foods we find dishes such as Paratha (a bread stuffed with meat, fish and vegetables accompanied by sauces) Rottis (cake made from wheat arina) Samoussa (salty entree in a triangular shape filled with meat and vegetables).

In general we find dishes for almost all tastes where some restaurants include international food specialties.

Going shopping in Mauritius

In Mauritius we can find markets and crafts that preserve the traditional and we can also find shopping centers where the modern is concentrated.

If you want to buy souvenirs, jewelry, gifts and different crafts, then the recommended thing is to go to the Central Market, there are a variety of stalls and shops with everything for you to choose.

But if you want modern detail, branded clothes and accessories then the ideal is to go to Le Caudan WaterFront, a modern shopping center with stores that you will love.

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