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If you are one of the people who like to accumulate unforgettable experiences day by day, with Adventure Volunteer You will have the opportunity to take solidarity trips, get to know other cultures, and at the same time put your grain of sand as a volunteer in various projects at the international level, with community support initiatives that are being carried out on different continents.

Put your abilities, skills and knowledge into practice by serving people who really need it, always in harmony with good human and environmental practices.

What is Adventure Volunteer?

Adventure Volunteer is an organization that was born out of the need to help others, but at the same time out of the thirst for adventure and personal growth of its founders.

The purpose of the organization is to offer opportunities through international volunteering to those most vulnerable communities, encouraging the participation of people willing to offer their knowledge and skills.

Why choose Adventure Volunteer as an alternative to fulfill dreams?

The objective of this association, considered a Declared Utility Organization, is to create an environment where participants make responsible solidarity trips to support at-risk or vulnerable communities, through the transmission of their knowledge and experience in various areas.

As a team, we take care of annually validating each of the projects, so that they are productive and make a significant difference.

This program only seeks to optimize the quality of life of all those involved.

On the one hand, it is intended to improve the reality of people with social disadvantages, especially in the child population. Additionally, volunteers can begin to project their talents in search of personal and professional strengthening.

Advantages of participating in Adventure Volunteer

The first thing we intend with this type of project is to create equality and social inclusion, especially regarding the disparity in opportunities for each gender, by creating alliances to achieve this purpose. Where the participating volunteers will have many advantages such as:

Cooperation with different organizations

Each of the projects is linked with local partners for success.

Positive impact

By applying the appropriate criteria, we help the volunteers achieve an attitudinal, personal and community change.

Increase of experience

First-hand you will know different perspectives that will lead you to acquire more experience for life and professional practice.


Our programs are safe, therefore, in the home of the volunteer in the country you arrive, you will always be protected.

Transparent financial contribution

The contribution you make to the association is handled in a transparent and safe way for social projects.

Know the best destinations

We always look for a way to put the volunteer in contact with the best destinations, so that they can make their adventure an experience.

24 hour service

The Organization staff is always ready to advise you throughout your journey. In such a way that you will have a 24/7 service system by Adventure Volunteer.


You are the one who will choose the site where you want to volunteer.

Family welcome

All our accommodations are prepared so that you feel at home.

Programs you can participate in

As we already mentioned, there are different participation alternatives, where you decide the destination and the activity to participate, among them are:

  • School support in Kenya.
  • Teaching English to children in Thailand.
  • Care and preservation of sea turtles.
  • School reinforcement in Cusco.

All volunteers have a duration of two weeks, and the costs to participate are minimal and include accommodation, breakfast, travel insurance, technical and logistical support and certification.

Volunteer in India

One of the best alternatives of the organization is Volunteer in India. This way you will get to know a country with a surprising culture, and with Adventure Volunteer you will have the opportunity.

In India, interacting with populations at risk gives you the option of putting all your abilities into practice and leaving an indelible mark.

Finally, to be part of this or any of the projects, you just have to go to the official Adventure Volunteer page and reserve your place.

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