Do you save when you travel by electric car?

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Luckily or unfortunately (depending on how you want to see it) we have all started to travel with some freedom just as we did before the damn covid. The reality is that, taking advantage of the pandemic, prices have risen in all products an outrage and that has been noticed in our pockets, and diesel, that which we all use to move our cars, was not going to be an exception. .

That said, the truth is that one comes to wonder if it is not going to be better to travel in an electric car than in a fuel one. It is true that electric vehicles seem designed for cities and short distances, but this is something that is increasingly changing within our society.

The key element if we choose to travel in a vehicle of this type, I am referring specifically to the electric one, is to plan very well the recharging areas, shops or restaurants where we are going to make our stops. More and more options are coming out that allow you to save based on discounts and it seems that this is where the world is heading.

Do you know Waylet? It is a system of saving on electric recharging closely linked to what was recently commented. With Waylet you can pay to recharge your electric vehicle at the entire network of Repsol public charging points. It has its own app and you can locate the electric recharging locations to check the status of each point, availability, type of charge, and even reserve the desired point with a maximum of 15 minutes in advance.

Not only that, you have many more advantages, for example being able to pay with the app itself without having to go to the cashier, amazing, right? Another great advantage is that you save 3 cents for each liter of gasoline or diesel that we put in our vehicle during the first 6 months.

Like any loyalty card worth its salt, you will also be able to earn money by inviting friends through discount codes. As a final summary, we can say that Waylet is designed for regular Repsol customers and that it is used to pay without contact, using a QR code and a password, at service stations and more than 4.500 restaurants, shops and workshops.

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