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Altea: guide with the most important things to visit and the best activities to do.

Altea is a Valencian locality located in the province of Alicante, sheltered from the Sierra de Bernia and in the heart of the Comarca de la Marina Baja. With an 25 thousand inhabitants, we are facing one of the most important coastal municipalities at the provincial level, with a remarkable tourist influx thanks to the many attractions offered by these Mediterranean coasts. The Costa Blanca is one of the greatest treasures of tourism on the European continent, and Altea is undoubtedly its most coveted jewel, with the permission of Benidorm.

About 5 millions of visitors a year are captivated by the golden sand paradises that abound in these lands, where also the Historical heritage, leisure and architectural beauty they constitute irresistible claims. How could it be otherwise, the weather conditions are unbeatable, with annual averages that are around the 25 degrees. Frosts are unusual, as are temperatures above 40 degrees. In short, a proper Levantine weather, perfect to indulge in enjoyment and fun.

How can I get to Altea?

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Altea enjoys an admirable communication, being located at 55 km of Alicante and less than 140 km of Valencia. To access by highway It is one of the most common choices among visitors, who have the national N-332 and the AP-7 highway, among other routes.

The road network of the municipality does not have anything to envy to the one of the great European nuclei, and consequently the urban transport It is a highly recommended option not only to arrive but also to travel, thanks to the numerous companies and bus lines that are at our disposal.

Moreover, the Manises airports (to 140 km) and the Altet (less than 60 km) facilitate access By plane, a means of transportation essential for those who travel from as remote places as London, Roma o Paris.

Finally, the well-known track 'El Trenet' of narrow gauge railways connects Alicante, Denia and Altea on a wonderful route by train that will surprise both locals and strangers.

What can we see in Altea?

But this coastal town is much more than sun and beach, given that the historical heritage shines with special intensity in Altea. Thus, museums, monuments and emblematic buildings will satisfy the cultural appetites of all the most curious.

Interior of the streets of Altea, Spain
Interior of the streets of Altea, Spain © kubikactive -

In the neuralgic center of the municipality sits the Casco Antiguo (Old Quarter), a real gift for the eyes that will allow us to wander through a labyrinth circuit full of history and charm. The hermitages, the church of the Virgen del Consuelo or the incomparable viewpoints of the bay are the crème de la crème of these streets, where there is also place for art in the many galleries and studios for this purpose.

Dreamy panoramas, white facades and picturesque shops make up the most popular Maritime Promenade Altea, an experience that will sublimate our senses with unforgettable panoramic views of the Peñón de Ifach. Countless restaurants and bars produce the world famous Mediterranean cuisine, a culinary treasure that reaches unsuspected quality in the Valencian menus.

At Lóleo Eventos, Orthodox Church of Altea we will recognize a beautiful building of virtuous architecture, where forms and elements characteristic of the Russian tradition are noticed. Dedicated to the Archangel San Miguel, this wonder will captivate believers and atheists alike.

What other things can we see in Altea?

For monuments with hearth, the Torre de la Galera It has been declared 'Well of Cultural Interest'. With roots that go back to the 14th century, this medieval vestige is one of the most reliable testimonies of the municipality's historical past. Also, the Bellaguarda Tower dates from the sixteenth century and shows an enviable state of conservation, which multiplies the delight of tourists.

El Museo del Mar, in the shipyard of Orozco, gives us a journey through time through countless boats, fishing gear, models and other elements, which show the close relationship of the Alteans with fishing and the Mediterranean.

Although there are many popular festivities that adorn these lands, the Festival of Mig Any of Moors and Christians It is one of the most suggestive. Music, comparsas and costumes of occasion flood the squares and avenues then, commemorating the time in which these cultures disputed the dominion of the Peninsula. The festivities of San Roque, San Juan and Holy Week will not disappoint either.

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What are the beaches of Altea?

In the eight kilometers of coastal strip we recognize coves, cliffs and beaches of diverse substrate that will delight the most adventurous, thanks to the wide range of water sports to practice. Diversity and exotic landscapes are, therefore, another of the great attractions of Altea.

Beach near Altea, Spain
Beach near Altea, Spain © panmaule-

At Lóleo Eventos, beach of La Olla discover a deep tradition of bathers in the summer months, which is not surprising considering the quality of its waters. In front of its banks a small islet rises majestically, which redoubles the charm of the place.

La Cap Negret beach, located in the mouth of the Algar River, it is a true haven of peace, endowed with a gravel substrate and exceptional facilities. We speak of a little crowded place where the Sierra de Bernia offers a privileged panorama.

The Mascarat it is an open cove, of rural spirit, where the snorkel, diving and other disciplines are enjoyed like nowhere else. In its vicinity we find the Campomanes Marina, another reason to be conquered by this beach.

La Roda it constitutes the flower and the cream of the beaches of Altea. The excellence of its services, the presence of recreational facilities and the prestigious 'Blue Flag' make it an obligatory stop for the most demanding tourists. Its proximity to the urban area of ​​the municipality is also a point in its favor.

The beach of Cap Blanch It is the most extensive, since it merges with that of Albir, belonging to the municipality of Alfaz del Pi. The beauty of its shores, the charm of the surrounding landscape and the many leisure possibilities are some of the ingredients of this Valencian jewel.

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