Bangkok - Thai city travel guide: all the basics and essentials


Bangkok city travel guide in Thailand: everything basic and essential.

Bangkok - Wat Arun, Temple of Dawn, Thailand
Bangkok - Wat Arun, Temple of Dawn, Thailand © MasterLu -

When we make reference to Thailand it is necessary that we speak both of its capital city and of that which contains its largest population, in this case we can reduce it to a single name and that is Bangkok But there is something that is not right: it is what this city is called, since its real name is Krung Thep and it means "the city of angels".

This was imposed during the reign of Auuttamuya, was responsible for trade and was at the mouth of the Chao Phraya River. Siam makes his arrival and becomes the most important. It is in that same moment that the nomenclature of the capital city is granted, more precisely in the 1768 year next to the burning of the previous reign.

What used to be the capital, Rattonakosin, is now called "Phra Nakhon" and in the 18th century it began to increase its population considerably, obtaining its public administration and its own governor. Throughout 200 years has managed to be the social center but not only that, also in the economic and social throughout the SE of Asia.

Bangkok is the most important city in Thailand due to its 7 million inhabitants and also thanks to its economic development and being a great destiny tourist, we could say that it is the most modern city that we find in Southeast Asia. Being located on the side of the Chao Phraya River, it has had an extensive system of channels that has made it considered the Venice of the East.



What has Bangkok that attracts us?

Bangkok - Wat Phra Kaeo, Thailand
Bangkok - Wat Phra Kaeo, Thailand © Noppasinw -

From the Asian continent, this city stands out as a city with excessive chaos, but we can also see beautiful places where there are not too many people like monuments and temples where we can relax a bit.

Royal Palace: This is a complex of buildings with great architectural attraction since it was the one that rocked the royal family from the 18th century until around the middle of the 20th century.

Wat Pho: It is considered the main temple due to the Buddha that it cradles in a horizontal position with measures of 46 meters long and 16 meters high.

Wat Arun: It is the temple that is known as the temple of the dawn and truly worthy of admiration.

Chinatown: This neighborhood is one of the most populated because it was created at the same time that Bangkok was considered the capital of Thailand.

Jim Thompson House: This house is composed of several architectural structures transferred from other neighboring cities, attending means appreciating art and culture since its inception.

As well as places to attend we find the places where we can do the shopping as the markets or shopping centers most recognized, which are:

Patpong night market: This as its name says it is the one that has more visits and nowadays being located in Silom it suggests that it remains open until late at night due to its nightlife.

Suan Lum night market: This is well known, but do not feel the boom! like the one mentioned above and that makes if you want to attend a quieter place this is the right one.

Chatuchak Market: This is the largest in Thailand itself and by the day receives around 200.000 people, which go to the different positions that we can observe there.

Their malls Most known are:

Central Word who started his story by calling himself the World Trade Center.

Siam ParagonIt is the most luxurious place to shop in the city and throughout the country, it would be almost impossible to find a European shopping center that reaches such a level.

How do we move from one sector to another?

Bangkok - Overview of the city
Bangkok - Overview of the city © wootthisak -

To be able to travel through the city ​​of Bangkok You do not only need to use buses as there are 5 means of transport.

To begin we have the Skytrain It is a train but very high, has two lines at your disposal and could be considered the best option to avoid the common traffic jams in the city.

Then we have the metro from Bangkok, is another of the safest and most comfortable options to move throughout the city.

El ship, this medium is much more used to attend attractive places nearby such as the Royal Palace, in turn are much cheaper than trains.

El taxi It is one of the most comfortable and cheap options but often it happens that taxi drivers do not turn on the fare and end up asking for more than they should, it is also recommended to walk with a map or move with the name of the street in Thai.

El tuktuk It is a kind of motorcycle with a back where you can mobilize more than two people and can go more comfortably, but it also has the negative and is that it does not have to hit and that is why many people want to avoid this transfer.

What to eat? Where?

When you go on a trip to the occasional tourist place it is nice from time to time to eat outside and enjoy delicious dishes and luxury restaurants. Then I will tell you a little about it and you then decide what is best for you and your family.

We could start in Bangkok for the two highest level restaurants in the city that are in the best hotels located in Bongkok and they are: The Sirocco at the Lebua at State Tower hotel and the other one is Vertigo at the Bayan Tree hotel, as it is known are two restaurants with a magnificent view since they are located outdoors on the same hotels. Dining in these places is not cheap since per person is spent around 50 Euros, so if you do not find yourself in the best conditions it is better to choose to go just for a drink.

If what you want is a unique, original and completely different option, then you have the option of Dinner by boat In this city several companies are dedicated to offer these services where you travel the Chao Phraya River with musical bands and a beautiful and warm atmosphere of relaxation, this has a cost of around 1000 to 1500 THB.

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