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Trip to Budapest (Hungary)

The river Danube, which separates with its immensity to Buda and Pest, the two big cities that join to form one of the most important capitals in Europe.

Great bridges are responsible for bringing Buddha, former royal seat and now a pretty smart residential area, and Pest, the economic nucleus from the city. Budapest is a beautiful city, which always has a pleasant surprise to your visitors.

Save money with the Budapest Card

The Budapest Card is a Tourist subscription that is valid for 48 and 72 hours, which offers more than a hundred and fifty varied discounts for those who arrive in the capital. The 48 hours costs 6300 florins (24 €) and the 72 hours 7500 florins (29 €).

You can Acquire well in any tourist office in Budapest, or the you can order online, printing the voucher that you are given at the end of the purchase. Eastvoucher must be changed in Budapest in some tourist office for the real card.

These are them 10 reasons why to acquire the Budapest Card:

  1. It can be used all year round.
  2. It is easy to use, you just have to show the plastic card that also has the format of a credit card.
  3. Possibility of ordering fast and convenient online, paying online through the credit card.
  4. The voucher received at the end of the purchase can be exchanged for the card easily in the tourist offices, airport and downtown.
  5. The card is valid for an adult and for a child who goes with him with a maximum of 14 years.
  6. Includes free public transportation, two free city tours on foot in English and free passenger insurance.
  7. 10-100% off the price in the best museums of the capital.
  8. 10-30% discount on the most exciting excursions.
  9. 10% off the price of adults in the thermal baths.
  10. 10-25% discount for cultural programs, restaurants and coffee shops.

Here we leave you the official card page in case you want to request it online or simply read more information about it:

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How to get to Budapest?

To get to Budapest there are three possible ways: plane, train and car.

Airplane: The International Airport of Budapest-Ferenc Liszt (formerly known as Ferihegy Airport) is the busiest in Hungary. It is located approximately 16 kilometers southeast of the city. Likewise, it has 9 million annual passengers. The airport has a terminal that is divided into two sections: 2A and 2B.

Train: The city of Budapest has three international railway stations - Nyugati (west), Keleti (east) and Déli (south) - and has a connection with all nearby capitals. It is common to see that every certain hour a train leaves for another country. The Nyugati and Keleti stations are on the Pest side, while the Déli station is on the Buda side. From the stations, you can continue the trip in Budapest by subway. The Keleti and Déli stations are on the red metro line, while the Nyugati station is on the blue line.

Bus: This is one of the cheapest ways to get to Budapest, especially if it is from a fairly close city.

What are the means of transport in Budapest?

This city can boast of having a complete network of public transport very efficient, since there are buses, trolleybuses, trams, meters, taxis, among others.

The main advantage of Budapest is that you can walk perfectly, but in case you do not want to walk, you can use these means of transport.

  • Meter: el Budapest metro it is a fairly comfortable network, it only has three lines and all easily lead to most interesting sites.
  • Trolley car: It is usually preferred by all the boys, since it has the great advantage of serving as a tourist tour of the city while traveling slowly.
  • Bus: Although it has more than 200 bus lines, they are not as used as the metro or the tram, mainly because they are already able to direct tourists to the places of interest.
  • Taxis: in this city they are quite cheap and are usually the best option of all.

What places should be visited in Budapest?

The Parliament of Budapest
Parliament of Budapest - © Artur Bogacki -

One of the most interesting things about Budapest are its monuments and the places to visit. These are the sites that you can not miss.

  • Váci Utca: This is the most important street in Budapest next to Andrássy Avenue. It is also full of souvenir shops, shopping centers, coffee shops, among others.
  • Andrássy Avenue: It is an imposing boulevard that is responsible for communicating Erzsébet and the Heroes Square.
  • Parliament of Budapest: It is the building that most represents Budapest, as well as being one of the most famous in Europe. It is currently the third largest parliament in the world.
  • Buda Castle: This, without a doubt, is one of the best known places in Budapest, next to the Chain Bridge. Also, it usually receives the name of Royal Palace, since it was the residence of the monarchy.
  • Chain Bridge: It is the oldest in Budapest and also the best known of the entire Danube. It was inaugurated in 1849, after 20 years of works.
  • Budapest Opera: This is one of the most important neo-Renaissance buildings in all of Hungary. Its construction took place between the years 1875 and 1884.
  • Square of the Heroes: This is one of the most important squares in Budapest. Each of its statues aims to commemorate the leaders of 7 founding tribes of Hungary.
  • Jewish Synagogue: It is the second largest synagogue in the whole world, after Jerusalem. It measures in total 53 meters long by 25 in width.
  • Budapest Citadel: This is the highest point of Budapest, from here you get the best views of the entire city. It was built in the 1854 year by the Habsburgs. At first it was a surveillance building.
  • Aquincum: It was, in the past, a very important Roman city. It was unearthed at the end of the 19th century in Budapest. Here you can walk through its streets, see its houses, shops and other places.

Shopping in Budapest

The bastion of the fishermen of Budapest
The Fishermen's Bastion of Budapest - © Tanya -

It is clear that Budapest is not the typical place to go shopping, although there are plenty of different options, ranging from the most modern to small markets with souvenirs and antique objects.

Among the typical things of Budapest, there are Porcelain objects from Herend, which are hand-made in a factory with more than 200 years of experience. There is also red pepper in a cloth bag, the most common product in Hungarian kitchens. There are also the famous secret boxes, which are built in wood and are a challenge to open.

Regarding its commercial areas, one of the special streets for this is Váci Utca, which offers a wide variety of shops and becomes the ideal place to walk and have a drink. Similarly, if you want to walk through a shopping center, you can visit the West End, which has more than 400 stores of renowned brands; There is a cinema and several restaurants.

If, on the contrary, something older is sought, you can visit the Ecseri Flea Market, the place where old paintings, instruments, furniture and other items are found.

What can you eat in Budapest?

Hungarian gastronomy stands out for using spices more and for serving quite generous dishes. Their prices are, unlike other European cities, quite cheap.

The typical dishes of the city are usually those that have meat present. The paprika and onion are the common denominator of their dishes. Also, the wine is spectacular and highlights: Villány, Eger and Szekszárd.

If you want to choose the most common dish in this country, you can choose goulash soup, which consists of meat, vegetables and paprika.


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