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Guide to the city of Carcassonne (France)

I do not know what France has that is capable of deceiving the most painted. That special touch between the modern and the old leaves you trapped in time. The most emblematic cities of France all leave you with this feeling. But Carcassonne is ... Carcassonne. Located in the south of France, near the border with Spain, it is the perfect destination for a getaway.

And do you know the best of all? That if you make a quick trip, you will plan another to know thoroughly this beautiful city.

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How to get to the city of Carcassonne in France

As close as you are to Spain, it is tempting to climb the car. It remains at 140 km from the border for Catalonia. If you enter France on the other side, to give you an idea, it's about 90 km Toulouse. Very well connected by roads and highways.

If you prefer to get on a plane and forget driving, Carcasona has international AirportCarcassonne-Cathare. There are regular flights of several companies from our country. From the airport to the city you can go by public transport and taxi.

Or maybe you've been caught by the charm of France and you're visiting several cities. You can go in train from Toulouse, the service is good.

Move in the city

When you arrive in Carcassonne you will want to have some autonomy. Although there is a public transport network of several lines of bus, most citizens use the car. The center is almost crazy, especially in summer when there are many visitors. The car rental It is fired at this time, filling the streets with intense traffic.

You can rent a car, use the bus, or move by train to visit neighboring towns. Right in front of the train station there is a train station taxis, a good option if you are looking for a specific place without knowing the area.

Interesting activities in Carcassonne

You are already in Carcassonne and you have resolved the displacements. Now it's time to plan the tour. Tourism in this city is more about discovering than doing. I explain.

Carcassonne - Exteriors next to l'aude river
Carcassonne - Exteriors next to l'aude river (c) Can Stock Photo

To the south-southeast is the Citadel of Carcassonne, commonly called La Cité. This visit is mandatory; not because I say so, but because it is irresistible. This fortification dates from the 11th century. In the nineteenth century it was so damaged that they tried to tear it down, but in the end a famous architect named Eugéne Viollet le Duc rebuilt it based on the oldest plans available. It is interesting to see the remodeling, especially since 200 about that years ago. It is officially declared as a world heritage site. As I said, irresistible.

On the tour of the citadel you will visit the Castle of the Count, located inside. There is a corner hidden from the general public that you will only meet with the official tour. It is a hidden theater, the Jean Deschamps theater.

Another interesting activity is to get to know the Carcassonne from a boat along the L'Aude river or the Canal du Midi. Either one is valid, but I recommend without hesitation the Midi. You will pass through the middle of the city and you will be immersed in a movie landscape.

Going back to the city, going through the streets full of antique shops and small shops is a must. You will also find gourmet shops, here you will discover the wine, the real foie and the authentic French buns. Nothing like a walk in these streets to relax and get to know Carcassonne from within.

Carcassonne - Citadel outside at night
Carcassonne - Citadel outside at night (c) Can Stock Photo

The museums are another attraction. They emphasize the history Museum, the one of fine arts and the museum of arms. You can also enjoy several theaters, cinemas and nightclubs. It is a combination of leisure and culture that is seen very little ... only in France.

The churches and cathedrals of the city usually have many visitors around. French art and architecture do not leave you indifferent. The most frequented are the Saint-Nazaire Basilica and the Saint-Michel Cathedral in Carcassonne.

And finally we come to the gastronomy. I always say that you do not know where you are until you try the best dishes. You should like Cassolé, a dish with beans and partridge meat; the snails to the Languedocienne; and the flan of Saint-Jean de Minervois. And of course, a wine tasting. In Carcassonne you enjoy the time you fill the fuel tank. Of course there are other culinary benefits, but I will let you discover them for yourself ... do not forget the desserts and the confectionery!

We only have to touch the natural. Although you have already discovered the Canal du Midi, the grounds. He Maria and Pierre Sire It was built the last century; the André Chéniér it is older, close to the 1800 year. Both are beautiful.

And speaking of nature. Do you miss the beach?

What beaches can you go to?

Not that it is precisely on the seashore, in fact you will have to travel a little over an hour to go to the beach. But the people of Carcassone like to visit nearby beach towns. The most common are Valras-Plage, Gruissan and Leucate. The Gruissan beach It is located in the natural park of Narbonne, and has a beautiful pond nearby.

As it is about 75 km a good idea is to take the trip and visit Narbonne and Beziers; but I understand that the charm of the natural park wins the game.

The best areas to find accommodation

A very nice hotel is the Mercure Carcassonne Porte de la Cité. It is located in a fairly central area, almost at the gates of the Citadel - to 100 meters actually - and close to a lot of museums and other interesting places. Having a privileged location, the price is higher, but they offer you a luxury service.

In the middle there is more variety of hotels, 4 and 5 stars, but also other cheaper ones. Even a youth hostel that is very good if you travel as a group. For example,

Be that as it may, the most important thing is that the place you choose to rest is quiet and you sleep well. In a city like this you need to charge batteries, there's a lot to see!

Do you dare to discover Carcassonne inside?


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