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Trip to Sardinia (Italy)

Sardinia is one of Most attractive islands in the Mediterranean Besides being the second largest, this wonderful island has unique landscapes that conserve different species of flora, fauna and aquatic life. The experience becomes magical from the first moment you step on its lands and dress its emerald-colored sea, the place offers tranquility, fresh air and a desire for relaxation.

It consists mainly of small mountains without high peaks surrounded by a sea ​​with a color that falls in love To anybody.

Tourists can come to experience a great experience that combines the connection with the environment with history, the cultures and customs of there that are born from the XNUMXth to the XNUMXth century BC

The whole island of Sardinia is suitable for them to live a great adventure where they can tour the place, visit ecological trails, nature reserves, parks, beaches, coasts and much more, in addition to this there are many activities designed for tourists to find fun and take advantage of it, all the time they will find something different to do or visit, it is recommended to plan a few days to get the most out of the place where the experience will be unforgettable.

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How to get to Sardinia?

Sardinia @Simon / Pixabay

To get to Sardinia the best option you can find is by air, there are many airlines that have low cost tickets that allow you to travel in a fast, safe and very economical way.

However, it is also possible to find flights of more value according to the comfort and luxury you want to travel with. Sardinia has two main airports, the first one is on the Costa Smeralda and is called Olbia, the second is the Alghero airport which is a little smaller than the previous one.

Another option to arrive is by sea although it is not recommended because it usually takes longer, although it is possible to take a walk through this Corsica to make another small different visit to Sardinia.

What places should you visit in Sardinia?

It is somewhat difficult to prioritize places in Sardinia, the truth is that all are lovely and deserve to be visited, however we will highlight some of the favorites for visitors that may be interesting.

The Archipelago of Maddalena with its “Seven sisters"It's a very special place especially for diving enthusiasts, here they will enjoy the Maddalena National Park where there is a wonderful marine ecosystem full of life.

Caprera: Famous for being the place where Garibaldi lived, the place is full of history and we can take a look at the house-museum where we will discover many curious details of this character.

Strait of Bonifacio: a mysterious place where the beauty of the island Budelli stands out, its pink beaches are of great admiration and beauty granted by the corals and shells.

National Park of the island of Asinara: another wonder that allows us to be in contact with nature and its species.

Stintino: a small fishing village with very beautiful designs that steal the attention of all tourists, here you can practice activities such as golf, bike or horseback riding and also diving.

In Sardinia we can find another large number of places that combine their culture, history and beauty to provide entertainment to all people, there are many interesting sites that we can find an extensive tour.

What are the means of transport in Sardinia?

Sardinia has different means of transport that allow everyone to move from one place to another without major problem and with different rates.

Sardinia @Brigitte_64 / Pixabay

There is public and private transport that can be used to make the tour of the island easier, among the public services we can find buses, trains and ferries that work on different main routes during an extended schedule.

The private option is to rent a car that allows you to move more easily and comfortably for all the places you want, this service is usually more expensive but ideal to travel on the roads of Sardinia, there are many who are dedicated to renting cars around type obviously taking into account security measures and conditions.

Finally we have the option of using a Ferry to visit the neighboring islands.

What can you eat in Sardinia?

The dishes in Sardinia vary a lot and are for all kinds of tastes, if you prefer meat, then you will be able to enjoy a delicious grilled pork served on myrtle leaves in a bread bed, this dish will you will find along the island since apart from being delicious it is a typical dish from there.

Roast lamb and goat are also very typical of this place as well as sausages such as sausages and sausages.

Being an island obviously can not miss special dishes of fish and seafood, there is a variety of recipes in which the seafood zuppetta in red stand out,sa burrida(shark cooked with vinegar and walnuts), lobster all'algherese Catalan or, smooth and broth eel.

In the additional ones we find Sardinian bread, cheese, desserts and different wines that, due to their exquisite taste and age, conquer the palate of more than one.

The meals can be found in different places and tourist centers, the prices vary according to the type of dish and restaurant that is chosen.

Shopping in Sardinia

Sardinia is a paradise for handicrafts, many designs of color and art combine to make wonderful details that steal all our attention, it is possible to find different accessories made of wood and coral that are quite striking and elegant.

In addition to this Sardinia is the manufacturer of shawls and wool carpets, we will see good details to take as reminders or for us, the squares and shopping centers also allow you to buy clothes of different brands and prices. What is most recommended for shopping in Sardinia is to be careful when buying because sometimes there are deceptive notices that give a price but charge another, or in other cases it is cheaper in some stores than in others for the same product.


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