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Trip to Cesky Krumlov (Czech Republic)

Český Krumlov is one of the most beautiful cities, and at the same time unknown, of the Czech Republic. Located south of Prague, on the banks of the Vltava River, it is a medieval complex of the first order.

considered World Heritage Site by Unesco, another of its main attractions lies in the little influx of tourists it has. In addition, both stores and locals have known how to soak up that romantic air that floods all its streets, so that the traveler goes back in time.

Weather in Cesky Krumlov

El weather in Cesky Krumlov It's continental. In case you do not have it very clear: it is about extreme temperatures in both poles; that is to say that it is characterized by have very cold and dry winters, and absolutely hot summers. A climate quite similar to the one in Spain, for example.

En general, the best time to travel to Cesky Krumlov that late spring (April and May) as well as early summer (June and July). These months have some much milder temperatures that during the winter and in autumn.

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How can I get to Český Krumlov?

Cesky Krumlov is located in the enchanting South Bohemian landscape, on a bend in the Vltava river 170 km from Prague.

It is also very convenient to get to the city by train or bus. In this sense the railway company Czech Railways It has daily trains that depart every two hours from the Hlavní Nádraží station located in Prague. The round-trip ticket leaves for a few 500 crowns. The whole trip lasts three and a half hours. Do not forget either that you have to change at České Budějovice.

If, on the other hand, you opt for the bus, much cheaper and faster than the train in the long run, in the case of finding yourself in Prague, you should get off at the Anděl metro stop. Once here, you can take any of the company buses Student Agency that leave daily from Na Knízecí station. The ticket, this one-way only, costs 200 crowns. Find out in advance some of them for also in České Budějovice, so you would have to make a transfer as well.

Important: save with the Český Krumlov Card

Cesky Krumlov Card
Cesky Krumlov Card

Likewise, if you go to the beautiful Town Hall, located in the Svornosti Namesti square, you can get the famous Český Krumlov Card, a tourist card with which you can visit up to four different museums in the city, including its own castle. It costs only 200 crowns (about eight euros to change). It really deserves a lot of worth, so keep in mind that only the entrance to the fortress is worth 130 crowns.

You have all the complete information (including prices and attractions) about the card on its own website (

What can you see in Český Krumlov?

As for what to visit, Český Krumlov has a castle with a tower, from which to enjoy pleasant views of the city, and a revolving theater, located in the gardens and dating back to the XNUMXth century.

Český Krumlov - Panorama with the Castle and the Tower, Czech Republic
Český Krumlov - Panoramic with the Castle (c) Can Stock Photo

At the foot of the enclosure is the district of Latran, one of the oldest with monuments such as the medieval bastion or the Budějovická gate. The town also boasts a permanent exhibition about Egon Schiele, a disciple of Gustav Klimt. Do not miss the church of San Vito either.

For you to have an accurate idea, the castle is divided into the dependencies of the Schwarzenberg and the Rosenberg. They abound not only the Renaissance and Baroque styles, but also the Gothic. Inside you can also attend an exhibition of historical objects. Another essential is its baroque theater, unique in the world, with many stages of removable and.

For its part, in the City Hall or Radnice, an imposing white building supported by arcades will be contemplated. The emblem shield of the Schwarzenberg family, which consists of a crow and a head, also appears on the facade. The macabre image alludes to an ancient battle against the Ottomans. Of course, the victory was taken by the German family. It is said that the Turkish leader was beheaded and a raven ended up devouring his eyes. In addition, you can continue heading for the rest of beautiful Renaissance buildings that populate the square.

What to do in Cesky Krumlov?

It is therefore ideal to wander around the city because any of its corners is well worth it. The old town or the shores of río Moldava They lend themselves to it.

Cesky Krumlov - Castle detail at night
Cesky Krumlov - Detail of the Castle at night, Czech Republic
(c) Can Stock Photo

The main square, the inner courtyard of the Royal Palace or the lagoon of the palace garden are other places to stroll. In addition, you will surely cross the Vltava bridge that goes directly to the castle. Then you can not help but be surprised by the bears that live in the pit. You can finish rounding off the day by having a few beers in one of their typical taverns.

If you fancy, however, go shopping, Latran Street has to be your destination. In it, old stately homes have been converted, either into stores selling typical items, or into restaurants that are certainly elegant. On the same street there is an arch that leads to a covered corridor. Even old pharmacies faithful to the original equipment remain intact over time, although now drinks or sweets are sold in their rooms.

For those who love photography, the blue hour is the most appropriate for your hobby Favourite. In this magical time the lights shine brighter and the sky turns blue as a brief flash before the black of the closed night. In this way you will get authentic dream postcards, worthy of classic tales of princes and princesses. Nothing better, therefore, than to approach any of the numerous viewpoints that flood the city everywhere.

Where to stay at a good price in Český Krumlov?

Nothing better than staying right next to the castle, right in the historic center, in the case of the Adalbert pension, the U Malého Vitka and Edward Kelly hotels or the Downtown apartments, which cost only 67 euros. A really typical place is the Travel Hostel, with a cost of 38 to 76 euros, and eminently medieval furniture. Other interesting lodgings are the Barbora hotel, the Kristinka pension or the Mastal. They are also complemented by the Svambersky dum Hotel, the Garni Hotel Albatros or the Vienna Hotel.

The hotels and accommodations, like the rest of the buildings, preserve an eminently Bohemian and medieval character. This is the case, without going any further, of the Ruze hotel or the Old Inn. In many of them, breakfast is included completely free of charge. They are also equipped with all the necessary amenities and the most modern facilities. So that you have more options to choose from, we can also mention the Zaton, Mlyn or Arcadie hotels.

Eat well and cheaply in Český Krumlov

In Český Krumlov there is also no lack of typical places to eat. Some sound examples are Papa's Living Restaurant or Jakub Restaurant. In the first one you can taste authentically tasty and one hundred percent native food, although you can also order international dishes. Its terrace stands out in particular. The second stands out for its flirty decoration for only 20 euros. The first is at 13 Latran Street and the second at 54 Kajovska.

But, if what you are looking for is something really native, you can not miss the opportunity to visit the so-called Casa de las dos Marías or U dwau Maryí, located on Parkan 104 street. It used to be an authentic Czech home and is more than five hundred years old. In addition, it houses painted images of two Virgins. His most requested dish is the bohemian feast, consisting of rabbit meat, chicken or pheasant, cooked ham and potatoes. You can also try the typical meatballs called knedlíky.


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