Cruising through Italy and Greece


Cruising is an easy way to see so many places in comfort and without having to organize anything.

Except for the high season July and August, you can find cheap cruises, with better prices both on the cruise and on the air ticket to the port of destination.

I have been looking at the offer Costa Cruises on the Costa Pacifica ship, and I find the cruise that departs from Bari (Italy) to Catania, Valletta, Santorini and Mykonos very interesting, a perfect combination of the best destinations in the Mediterranean. This route is a perfect mix of ancient cities, fascinating beaches and culture, while sailing through the Mediterranean Sea.

Bari it is the port of departure and arrival of this cruise, it is an impressive destination because the city offers a lot to see and there are unique excursions to do from Bari. 

In the city it is possible to see churches, art galleries, a castle, the old town and magical places such as the “Lungomare Nazario Sauro” promenade. 

 The essential places to see in Bari are 

  • The Basilica of San Nicola 
  • The Church of San Sabino
  • The Castle of Bari 
  • The Old Town of Bari  
  • Nazario Sauro waterfront 
  • Piazza MercantileVia Sparano 
  • Lido San Francesco Beach 
  • Museum of the Succorpo della Cattedrale 
  • The Petruzzelli Theater

And the best excursions to do from Bari are a visit to the town of Altamura, visit the ruins of Egnazia and enjoy the Alta Murgia National Park.

Being the Port of Departure and Arrival of the Cruise, I recommend you to add days to visit these wonderful places, especially just one hour from Bari is the wonderful town of Alberobello, a unique town where you can see and visit the typical “trulli ” millennial houses with a cylindrical shape and conical roof (unique in the world).

To go to Alberobello from Bari there are multiple options: bus, taxi, rental car or booking an excursion.

From Bari the navigation begins with the following route: 

Catania is the first port of this cruise, the excursions they offer are for all tastes, some of a cultural nature such as Bellini's Catania or Taormina and its Greek theater, but they also offer adventure excursions related to the Etna volcano, such as ATV rides or hiking on the volcano.

La Valletta, is the second port and an ideal destination to see in one day, it is the capital of Malta, an archipelago that has a lot to offer, it is worth spending time to visit Valletta but you can also do many excursions from there, such as Tours of the Island visiting its most emblematic places, going by fast boat to Comino (an impressive island) and for me the best one is a boat trip from the Blue Grotto to the typical fishing village of Marsaxlokk.

Mykonos It is the third port and welcomes us to Greece, although it is known as the Capital of the Greek Islands, this island offers us a lot to see and do during the day, tour the town of Mykonos, excursions throughout the island to see its mythical windmills and also sail to the small island of Delos

Santorini, the last destination of this cruise is synonymous with beauty, for me one of the most beautiful islands in the entire Mediterranean, where it is difficult to choose what to do, because this small island offers countless options. Among others, visit Oia and Fira, walk around the island to discover its magnificent geography or even sail to other small volcanic islands to go hiking. For more details of what to see and do in Santorini I recommend you read this post 

After Santorini and back to Bari there is a relaxing day on the boat, to finally arrive in Bari to continue enjoying the city, all the excursions it offers, the wonderful Italian hospitality and gastronomy.

The paperwork to travel on a cruise is kept to a minimum and you will enjoy the services of a "five star" that sails the Mediterranean. there are countless cruise deals, you just have to find the ideal for each of us, for me the one I told you about that includes Italy and Greece, two of my favorite destinations in Europe, will be a new experience that will allow me to repeat unforgettable moments in these wonderful islands.

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