Enjoy a Family Getaway at a Glamping in Madrid

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Going camping is one of the favorite activities of many families. But if you want camping as comfortably as possible, with style, have great luxuries and at the same time enjoy nature, An alternative that is in trend is Glamping.

Therefore, if you really want to be surrounded by the environment and without the need to worry about everything that camping in the traditional way implies, without a doubt None is the time to experience Glamping.

Once you experience it, we are sure that it will become, from now on, the new vacation option that will surprise you in many ways. Ready for your own experience of Glamping in Madrid?

What is Glamping?

This is a really new tourist trend and its name comes from two words, Glamor and Camping. Both merge and result in the traditional camping, but with the glamor that you can have as if you were staying in a luxury hotel, such as the so-called "5 star hotels", being perfect for a family getaway.

This different way of camping allows you to have a weekend with your partner, your family, or to go for a walk with your group of friends. This outdoor activity is also known as glamorous camping, or glamorous camping. 

Many believe that this trend is new, but in fact it has been practiced for several centuries. Glamping has been practiced since the XNUMXth century when the kings saw the need to camp and set up tents, but without neglecting all the luxuries as if they were still inside their palace.

Benefits of Glamping

The best thing about this type of trip is that you will enjoy a different ride, but at the same time many other benefits.

  • Privacy being away from everything.
  • amazing views and amazing.
  • You will not find tents or tents and you will not have to bring your own. That will prevent you from traveling with excess luggage and you will not waste your valuable time trying to assemble them.
  • No need to carry accessories or implements essentials required for camping.
  • Special connection directly with nature, far from the normal routine and chaos of a city and all the technology that absorbs us every day.
  • You will have contact with fresh air and an enviable climate.
  • You will be in a very comfortable and relaxed with the best comforts to sleep peacefully, take a bath, eat, and with everything you could need to have an unforgettable stay.

General characteristics that a Glamping must have

There are different types of Glamping, but they all must have very specific characteristics to stand out and be a unique and perfect place.

  • Accommodations must be outdoors. Usually Glamping is usually in very curious or different places. For example, a treehouse, canvas tents or wooden cabins called Eco-Lodge, because they can be placed on any terrain, among other alternatives.
  • Although there are several Glamping in the same place, they must be far enough apart to give the feeling of being the only ones in that space of nature.
  • Having a high level of comfort and luxury. That is to say that it has comfortable, spacious and excellent quality beds, heating, hot water to take a bath, breakfast, or have a luxury restaurant within easy reach.

A unique and top quality accommodation!

Thanks to the design of their constructions, the Glamping do not generate any negative impact on the environment, but are original lodgings in places that perhaps you never imagined you knowr. But the most important thing is that they always maintain the connection with nature, due to the great tranquility and peace that you will feel when you are in one of them.

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