The descent of the Sella, an excellent activity for the whole family


Don't you know the Sella river? Well, we are going to tell you how it is and what you need to know about one of the funniest leisure activities you can do, it is the descent of the seal Ribadesella, ideal whether you go as a couple or on a family trip.

The descent of the Sella is a tour of the Sella river in canoe between the towns of Arriondas and Llovio, it is more or less about 15km of road in theory easy, and I say in theory because this depends on the abilities of each person, where you are going to find certain points where to stop and be able to rest.

From here we encourage you that if you come to do this excursion, also take advantage of those days and come to visit the most emblematic places in the area, such as the Sanctuary of the Virgin of Covadonga, the Lakes of Covadonga, the Ruta del Cares or the town itself Cangas de Onis.

We are now going with a little detail about the excursion itself, so that you can get an idea the cost of the excursion per person is between €20 and €25. As for the times in which to do this excursion, it usually leaves between 11:00 and 13:00 and the only thing you have to worry about is wearing water clothes and shoes and, of course, knowing how to swim, it is not plan to fall into the river (which I assure you will happen to you) and have a major scare. The rest of the equipment will be left for you by those in charge of the excursion: the vests, the neoprene suits and a waterproof drum to put your things. Although doing the trip individually is very pleasant, we recommend that you do the trip as much as possible. descent of the seal as a couple.

As part of our personal experience after having done this excursion on more than one occasion, it is an activity that we highly recommend. What we do recommend is to do the excursion more towards the summer months, mainly in the months of July or August, although September can also be a good option. They are the months in which there will be more people but I think that it also compensates for the weather and the temperature of the water.

For those of you who usually travel everywhere with dogs, you should know that if you want to do the descent with pets, companies usually offer dog vests that are provided free of charge for everyone to enjoy.

One final piece of advice, it is important to insist that you bring a change of clothes to change into at the end of the activity at the facilities of the company you hire, as they usually have hot water showers, changing rooms and bathrooms. It is very normal to end up completely wet and unless you catch a very hot day it is not very pleasant to be wet all day.

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