Rural family getaway: everything you need to know


Surely you have been thinking about making a getaway with your loved ones for a while, you have even the chosen destination! But you have doubts about whether a rural house or a hotel would be better, you think if it would be a good idea to choose an activity to do with the smallest of the house, etc.

If you would like a different getaway and a bit away from the city, with striking landscapes, nature and local gastronomy, Rural tourism in Alcalá del Júcar should be one of your options to consider.

Hanging from the side of a canyon crossed by the river Júcar, you can get lost in the narrow streets, the church tower and the castle at the top. It is considered one of the most beautiful towns in Spain and an ideal environment for a rural getaway with children.

A rural family getaway is always lived with intensity, and more so at Christmas time as we are! To do this, the trip must be well planned. Although it is fun to improvise, there are times when you need organization, choose a good destination and in these times, choose a good rural house with a fireplace in Alcalá del Júcar.

Accommodation should be one of the most important aspects, especially if our family is large and we have a pet! The space provided by family rural houses It is essential and that is not given by a hotel, and it is that being able to have space to run or play in the house, or each one in his room is a luxury. In addition to this, the rural houses have much cheaper prices than those of a hotel.

The organization in the rural house is also something important when traveling with the family and it is that living together can be difficult on certain occasions, and when traveling, even more so. The ideal is that there is always communication to avoid conflicts and that the trip is not ruined.

The nature of the environment is another point to take into account in the rural tourism Alcalá del JúcarThe variety of natural parks that allows the little ones to enjoy different adventures is something unique. Hiking or multiadventure activities such as rope park or caving among others, are ideal to enjoy 100% of a family getaway.

A family trip is one of the greatest pleasures that exist, especially if the experience is in a quiet rural environment away from the stress of everyday life. Now that the holidays are coming, planning a rural getaway could be a good initiative to disconnect.

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