Benidorm: Essential Guide

Aerial view of the city of Benidorm
Aerial view of the city of Benidorm - © Lledó -




Benidorm: guide with the most important things to see, its beaches and the best activities to do.

If there is a Mediterranean destination preferred by all tourists almost in unison, that is Benidorm. If you are looking sun, beaches, places to relax and also to go full party, Benidorm has a space for you.

Located as a province of Alicante, Benidorm delights all those tourists who, for their vacation time, are looking for a place where they can fully enjoy the advantages of the outdoors. Ideal for the summer months, Benidorm has more hotel beds than any other Mediterranean resort, although its clientele has been changing with the months of development and since the eighties, it has been bringing all kinds of tourists and not just groups of teenagers who seek to drink cheaply and in large quantities.

As any province that boasts itself has a historic center for all the tourists that go on vacation to the place in its center, two buildings that characterize Benidorm on the one hand, the Parque de la Higuera that is huge and is used for numerous cultural events and on the other an auditorium where we can see works of art theater and concerts.

The best beaches in Benidorm

If there is something that stands out from the city of Benidorm are its beaches. As we have said, this place has become one of the busiest and best known of the Mediterranean and especially in the summer months, we find a good crowd of people looking in this territory, the ideal space for your vacations.

Benidorm has two beaches: the Levante beach and the Poniente beach, both very famous and crowded. However, it differs in some concepts each one that we will now see much better.

Levante Beach

It is, par excellence, the perfect place for those looking for party and fun. Traditionally known as "the beach of the dawn", this beach of Levante has local parties and multiple bars to everything around for the use and enjoyment of tourists who come to the area.


However, especially during the day, the beach is easily walkable by people with small children, in fact, its fine sands have slides, ramps and all kinds of games for the little ones to enjoy much more of their stay.

Also, this beach is preferred by young people thanks to the atmosphere that is available in it and the large number of boys and girls who want to party, sun and sand.

Poniente Beach

It is the oldest in Benidorm and, although there are many young people who like to be at this beach, the greatest variety is finding families with their young children, since the beach itself is much quieter and less traveled. The beach of Poniente is full of hammocks where you can rest and have a drink after a swim in the cold waters of the Mediterranean.

There are also play areas to be with the little ones outdoors and a lot of vigilance in the waters so that nothing happens. The sand, as in the Levante beach, is clean and very thin and it is nice to lie down in it to relax and rest after the bath. Likewise, Poniente beach is surrounded by bars and places where you can have a delicious aperitif or savor a tasty menu.

The night of Benidorm

View of Benidorm at night
Benidorm at night - © Franck Boston -

As in areas like IbizaFor example, Benidorm is also very dear to the party that exists in it.

Both in the old case and in the surroundings of the beaches (especially that of Levante) we find a lot of bars and discos of all kinds that are open throughout the night and also, in some cases, until long hours later of the dawn

Unlike the one we have named before, Ibiza, Benidorm is very economical and partying around the beaches as well as the historic center itself is much cheaper than anywhere else.

In the summer months, the beaches and the city of Benidorm itself are very complete, in fact, the demand for staff is so great that many young people go from May to late October to work in hotels, bars, discos, entertainment centers. or socio-cultural ...

Benidorm theme parks

As we have seen, Benidorm is a place that bets for fun and in addition to beach, bars and restaurants and a lot of outstanding events also has theme parks.

The theme parks of Benidorm are for all tastes at the moment, there are three that are very successful among tourists who frequent the area. Next, we went on to detail each and every one of these parks.

  • Detail of Benidorm beach
    Detail of the beach in Benidorm - © Hemeroskopion -

    Terra Mitica: it is one of the best known amusement parks in Spain, we can enjoy a variety of shows and fun where there is space for adults and children. Terra Mítica is also known among young people for demanding a good number of employees in the summer months.

  • aqualandia: fun in style in this water park. Slides, trampolines, swimming pools, etc. A whole marine kit for you to have a great time with your friends, your children or your partner.
  • Sea World: Do you like dolphins? Have you always wanted to see a show of these? In Mundo Mar it is possible! In this park we have all kinds of dolphins trained to do dances and acrobatics. Everything you need to have a fun time.
  • Terra Natura: Impressive zoo that houses all kinds of wild species and that are worth discovering. Terra Natura is one of the most impressive natural spaces in Spain. If you go to Benidorm, you have to see it.

Is it worth going to Benidorm?

Needless to say, if you want to have fun on your summer vacation Benidorm is one of the best destinations you can find. In this city you have everything to not get bored: beaches, sun, clean sand, history, events, etc.

Did you want to go to Benidorm? Now you just have to think about looking for a hotel and enjoying your vacation. You deserve it!

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