Málaga: Essential Guide

Panoramic View of Malaga, Spain
Panoramic View of Málaga, Spain - © Aleksandar Todorovic - Fotolia.com



Malaga: guide with the most important things to see, its beaches and the best activities to do.

Malaga is an important city in southern Spain that has a coastline and therefore, thanks to this, has a high level of tourism.

As for the beaches in which we can be in this city really, those who are in its surroundings are much more successful, for example Marbella, which is a town with a lot of tourist potential and high foreign capital with the incentive that it is also a place of accommodation for many celebrities and celebrities above all, if they have good fees.

Going back to what is Malaga in this city, we can find many things to do and see and we can enjoy in a visit.

In this guide we want to show you some of the things you can not miss if you are going to visit the city. We start?

How can I get to Malaga?

As always before immersing ourselves in the bowels of the city and in what we could see or do in it, we have to know how we can reach our destination. In the case of Malaga, they are the same routes as usual, only that many people prefer access through their port, that is, by boat. Especially tourists who come from Ceuta and Melilla for example. Its port also serves some cities as a springboard to reach other provinces of Andalusia from here by car or bus.

What can I see in Malaga?

Malaga is a city with lots of charm and has many things that we can see and activities to do. Next, we will mention some of the most important spaces that you can not miss in a visit to Malaga and the reason why you have to go and see them:

Cathedral of Malaga, Spain
Malaga Cathedral, Spain - © BigKnell - Fotolia.com

La Alcazaba: it is one of the must-see visits together with the Castillo de Gibralfaro (which we will talk about later) One of the details of the buildings we find in Malaga is precisely that they all have a disturbing Muslim past on which all their works are based and the impressive heritage that counts.

The Alcazaba is a building with a lot of history and has even more antiquity than the Alhambra, since it has some of the oldest parts of the 11th century. However, at the entrance of the Catholic Monarchs in the place, it was abandoned and left to chance and it was not until a century ago that it was rebuilt becoming part of its unique heritage. The gardens and the walls that we find around it are an important tourist attraction for people who visit Malaga.

El Castle of Gibralfaro: built in the fourteenth century to accommodate the various troops and protect the Alcazaba that was the most important this castle was joined to it through a corridor that was crossed inside so that the enemy did not see that they were mobilizing or changing places.

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When the conquest arrived, it also served as a jail for the prisoners of war who were held in that place. Fernando the Catholic put himself in that unit safe from the armed hands that wanted to finish him off. The castle was finally destroyed by the Napoleonic troops and what remains of it today are simply the ruins that can be visited and that undoubtedly are worthy of a guided tour. On the other hand, from the castle we have an incredible view of Malaga and therefore, many people climb up to see them.

La Cathedral: without being as impressive as other cathedrals in Spain, the truth is that it is recognized as one of the ten most important sacred monuments that have been known. The cathedral is located on the remains of what was the mosque of reference in the time of Muslim rule.

Known as "the Manquita" to this cathedral, they never finished one of its towers, it is said because the profits were destined to the War of the Independence of the United States, although this fact is still to be confirmed.

Of all the monuments that can be found in Malaga these three sections are the most important and also the most interesting to see in the city however, if you like art and especially museums you can not miss the opportunity to see the Picasso Museum that contains more than 200 works of the painter born in the province and it is a pleasure for the senses to know it up close.

What are the best beaches in Malaga?

When we visit Malaga we do it directly to its historic center and we take a good walk around the area so we can see each and every one of the parts of it, if we go in summer, especially in the province of Malaga you can also enjoy of the beach that, although as we said at the beginning, has nothing to do with the ones that are nearby, that is, Marbella, for example, the truth is that to spend a quiet and pleasant time you do not need anything else.

Malagueta Beach in Malaga, Spain
Malagueta beach in Malaga, Spain - © MF - Fotolia.com

La Malagueta: it is the beach par excellence that you will find in Malaga. La Malagueta has all the services available that you can imagine and it is that this beach is one of the busiest that the city of Malaga has and also one that most like both tourists and those who visit. You will also find many beach bars where you can eat sardines or very appetizing fish that are the star in the summer months.

La Mercy: equally known but not as busy as the Malagueta the beach of Misericordia is very similar to the previous one and in it you can lie in the sun on the sand and enjoy the sea. In according to what times of the year there may be some danger of lifting, however, we almost always find a beach very attractive to the public and also, we can go with children to play and be on vacation.

Malaga has other beaches but these two are the best known and popular in the province. Although we can go to the city at any time of the year the truth is that having a coast, if we go in summer we can enjoy twice our stay in it.

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