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Trip to Mallorca (Spain)

The Balearic Islands are a paradise apart in the world of beaches. This time we want to talk about how much can be done in a place like Mallorca. The island of Mallorca is what is known as a small continent in small dimensions. Rich in nature and unparalleled landscapes, this place is a true joy for lovers of the sun and the sea.

The nature and variety of its vegetation is precisely one of the great attractions of the island of Mallorca where all kinds of meadows, parks and beaches are combined. The beaches for example, are one of the tourist attractions for visitors in addition, the weather always accompanies and, the visitor, feels comfortable with the temperature of the place.

As we have said the beaches, coves and everything that has to do with the sea and the sand are very important points and one of the biggest attractions of the island of Mallorca and its surroundings.

However, in Mallorca we can also have another type of passage and, as it also has a historic center, the varieties are many. One of the The most picturesque places with the greatest impact is the area of ​​La Palma. Also highlight the importance of agriculture and vineyards, something that has served to boost the economic situation since its commercialization. Next we will introduce you to everything you can visit in Mallorca away from the beaches and the sea.

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The best beaches in Mallorca

Mallorca, as we have said, is highlighted by the variety of its beaches, its climate and the temperature of its sea For this reason, in this publication we want to introduce you to some of the most beautiful and recommended beaches on the island:

Cala del Moro, Mallorca

Cala del Moro, Mallorca - © MarkusBeck -

  • Cala Mitjana: It is known to all that the waters of Mallorca are crystal clear, transparent and very clean, as well as being complemented with fine and clean sand. Cala Mitjana apologizes for all this with its waters and the sand that covers it. Cala Mitjana is small and very beautiful and also has unsurpassed views throughout its kilometers. Despite the charm of the cove, it is little traveled because it is quite far from other much more populated areas.
  • Cala del Moro: one of the most impressive coves that we can find in Mallorca, however, its access to it is very complicated, that is why the cove itself is almost desert. Beautiful and clean sand. Ideal for those who want to get lost far from the eyes of the people.
  • Cala Deia: As we have seen, Mallorca above all is a territory of coves. The coves that we have in this Balearic point are of all kinds. La Cala Deiá is one of the most beautiful and touristy that we can find in all the surroundings. A very characteristic point and that the difference from the others is the fact that it contains many and numerous rocks. Large numbers of tourists jump into the water from the top of the rocks, although this practice is not advisable as it can be very dangerous.

What can I see in the center of Mallorca?

Mainly the island of Mallorca is aimed at tourists who want to have a vacation full of water and sun, however, there are many other things that we can see and do on the island, do you dare to discover them?

Bahia de Palma. Majorca

Bay of Palma. Mallorca - © zipango -

  • Palau de Almudania: this palace was converted directly by the kings of Mallorca. Designed with a Romanesque portal, the style falls between the Gothic and the more current Renaissance. The chapel of Santa Ana, inside, is what is really interesting about this building.
  • Mallorca Museum: In general, all cities or provinces have a museum that tells of their history. The Mallorca museum brings together sculptures and pieces that speak of the island as a whole.
  • Joan Miró Foundation: for fans of art and painting in Mallorca we have this fantastic collection of pieces by Joan Miró. Upon his death, his widow decided to reopen the deceased's house to expose it to the public in such a way that all the followers would admire his work.

These are some of the great monumental attractions that the island of Mallorca has. However, one of the most important pieces is the Cathedral of Palma, so we want to give you a special section to know it in detail.

The Cathedral of Palma

Cathedral of Palma de Mallorca
Cathedral of Palma de Mallorca - © zipango -

The Cathedral of Palma is one of the most beautiful in Spain and it has nothing to envy the most famous buildings. Located in an unbeatable location, its location is centered on the port of Mallorca itself, which gives it a splendid image of the island.

The bell tower has been built since 1389 and contains nine bells that are admired by all tourists who visit the cathedral. Inside is the large organ, protected by a neo-gothic framework, built in 1795 and restored later in 1993.

We have to go inside the cathedral to know all its splendor and majestic character. However, another of the great reasons why we have to enter the same building is the museum at the back of the building. The museum that houses the cathedral is undoubtedly one of the pearls of the cast. Everything is decorated with jewels and precious materials.

What can I eat in Mallorca?

Without a doubt and as always, one of the great riches that the places we visit have is their food. The gastronomy of a site is almost as important as an important monument or square that we visit. Eating is a pleasure and when we do it in a place we have visited we are always receptive to the idea of ​​trying new dishes.

In relation to the Mallorcan gastronomy the ensaimada for example, it is one of the great specialties. We can not leave Mallorca without first tasting a delicious ensaimada either for breakfast or as a snack.

Surely with this guide you have gotten a tremendous desire to go to Mallorca, right? Well, do not hesitate, visit our website and find the best hotel from a good number of cheap offers.


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