Mediterranean islands to enjoy in summer

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Summer holidays: the most popular 4 islands

From always, the Mediterranean islands They are the most striking for their freshness and their incredible natural beauty, which makes them one of the tourist destinations most desired by thousands of people during the summer months. If you are thinking of taking a trip through the Mediterranean islands, you have to know the four most recommended destinations.


One of the things that captivates the most from the first moment in which you arrive Sicilia it's the amazing picture of its amazing but natural rocky system, in addition to the volcanic landscape that shows us as a background and that is the first thing we see when we arrive at the place. Within the place, we can enjoy its narrow streets or the atmosphere of its historic markets.


On the other hand, if you're thinking travel to Malta, we recommend that you have time to see everything that is incredible place hiding. A space that is located in the center of the Mediterranean in a strategic position  in which you can find nature in its purest state, as well as a very rich culture in all senses.

En Malta, you can find coves in which you can relax while sunbathing.

In addition, many spaces are designed for tourists and you can enjoy a day of diving or really impressive photos in any of the Malta points. The architectural areas give a perfect atmosphere at any time, making the trip become more than just a walk on the beach.

Walled cities and temples are also part of the charm of this place, perfect to spend the best of your life and take truly unforgettable photos.


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Among the latests Moravia's compositions beaches and coves of IbizaIt is normal to miss a few days more than desired, since the place is simply incredible. In this place you can find a good atmosphere both day and night. This area is located towards the South and among the things that stand out the most on the island is undoubtedly its nightlife.

Among the places you can visit in the Ibiza area, we highlight the old neighborhood of Dalt Vila. This incredible space was created to protect the island from the pirates who assaulted them in their day and today is just a walk for tourists to have fun and take pictures.

Among the charms of Ibiza are the cobbled streets in which whitewashed houses are found, one behind the other and lead to the highest part of the place, where there is a restaurant area that is always very busy.

Finally, enjoy Ibiza is to enjoy the best nightclubs like Pacha, among others, and there are many boys and girls who go on weekends just to look for a party in this island full of charm and above all, a lot of movement.


If you are looking for a space full of nature with the charm of an island, without a doubt the place you are looking for is Santorini. Here, you can find everything you need to enjoy a vacation where you have beach and sun, but you can go in the afternoon to visit museums or archaeological sites of a lot of historical burden.

In addition, the place looks very homely, due to the shape of its houses in white and blue tones. However, if you are thinking that it is a boring space or where you can not find a party, you are wrong. Santorini keeps inside a lot of night clubs, as well as nightclubs that will give a different touch to your holidays in this place.

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