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Kea Island Guide (Greece)

In this tourist guide we are going to explain the wonders of the island of Kea or also known as Ceos or Gia. It is an island of Cyclades archipelago, located in the Aegean Sea, Greece. It is the closest to the coast of the Cyclades and mainly Athenian families live in it, so it is an island with a calm and peaceful lifestyle.

Kea It has been inhabited since before 3000 BC. of C, and has a long history since they have gone through it from the Phoenicians, to the modern Greeks through the Cretans, fact that causes the amount of archeological ruins found in it. This island is very close to the Continental Greece and it is the first Cycladic island that we will meet.

Mountainous, arid and with fertile valleys, very famous for its local wine, its honey and its almonds.

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How to get to Kea Island

Kea does not have Airport, the only entry system to the island is from the Cyclades ferry, from Athens.

The closest airport to the island is 65km from the capital, it is the Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport, Athens Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport, that is, the Athens airport, Which is the most important in Greece and one of the busiest in Europe. It manages both domestic and international flights, with destinations throughout Europe, the Middle East, Egypt, Tunisia, the United States, among other destinations.

This airport is located at 33km from Athens and is very well connected so it is best to take a taxi to the port of Athens, where you can grab a ferry direction to Kea. These happen quite frequently, and it must be said that being the closest destination, all Cyclades ferries they go through Kea In the first instance. Once you arrive on the island you will find yourself in the town of Corisia.

In the case of having a ship can reach the island by the Mediterranean Sea, and request moorage in that town, Corisia, since it has a nice harbor.

How to get around Kea?

Kea in an island very virgin despite its proximity to Athens, on this island they do not have of no service public transport, or of rental of any type of vehicle, therefore, in case you want to rent A vehicle must do it in Athens y take it by ferry to the island

Village of Ioulis in Kea, Greek Islands
Village of Ioulis in Kea, Greek Islands (c) Can Stock Photo

As a recommendation, the island of Kea It is not very big, so the best option will be to get a motorcycle.

If you want to enjoy tourism but looking for the environment in need, sign up for ecotourism, it's about renting a bike to fall even more in love with the latent beauty of this paradise. So it is also a good option but, as we have informed you before, in Kea it is not possible to do so, so you must arrange the rent in Athens.

Another option, and really the best, is in case of having a ship, use it to move around all the coves and beaches with greater freedom and even visit some that no one has stepped on for a long time, thus allowing you to find even more deserted and truly magical coves.

Kea also has a network of  taxis that you can use at any time simply by getting the phone number of any company at the tourist office.

Recommended beaches in Kea

Kea it is beautiful island which has beaches and coast to for all tastes, so those who come to spend their vacations here have several types of beaches to choose. The main one and the one that cannot be missed is the Koundourus beach located at 15 km Corisia Koundourus It is a beautiful and tourist town with very good beaches in which to enjoy peacefully. It is a region with many bays, with sand, rocks and trees, where it usually does not blow much wind and you can be really relaxed.

Ksila beach in Kea, Greek Islands
Ksila beach in Kea, Greek Islands (c) Can Stock Photo

Another recommended beach is the Liparo beach to 19 km southwest of KoundurusIt is a lonely beach with crystal clear waters, that is to say, a truly intimate paradise.If you want something more fun, the Pisse beach It is more suitable since It has a lot of wind made it perfect for practicing windsurfas well as a Kambi beach on the west coast of Kea.

Multiple beaches are worth visiting such as, for example, la Otzias beach, that says with all the services available for tourists, on the other hand, Korissoa beach she is very beautiful too but a lot lonelier. The beach Near Kambi, one of the most distant, 18.5 km away, is another of the quietest that you can find since as it is located at such a distance it remains with few people and it's done lovely to visit.

La Pises beach, in the Western coasts of the island, is another beautiful option located next to a town anonymous, incredibly no name but has a sandy beach with trees with a contrast of beautiful landscapes. The Gialiscari beach,which is in the Agios Nicolaos bay It is one of the most famous beaches on the island and, therefore, a very good option to enjoy one day as it is quite particular as it is sandy beach full of eucalyptus what are you offering dense shade perfect for a picnic.

Finally we talk about the Orcos bay, it is a bay surrounded by a harsh landscape of unique beauty. The beach has sand and some trees where you can find shade and thus enjoy a unique atmosphere since the colors offered by the light are wonderful and even magical.

Kea has a multitude of small, rocky and unspoilt coves, not cataloged with any name. So our recommendation is that you investigate and find unique corners lost so typical of the greek islands.

What to see and do in Kea?

Kea It is very famous for its local wine, its honey and its almonds, so you cannot miss them and it will look great with everyone you send a related memory to, since they are very well prepared.

Karthaea Temple in Kea, Greek Islands
Karthaea Temple in Kea, Greek Islands (c) Can Stock Photo

The main tourist attraction of the island is its capital Ioulis, enjoys roofs of red tile y small alleys cradled in skirt of a hill. They are very typical mills and even today many of them can be seen in operation. Is really typical, traditional and artisan, and you can not miss the Kastro neighborhood and its walls. From there they can contemplate some stunning views of the whole island. Ioulis has a small archaeological museum where you can enjoy multiple collections and travel to other times. The island hides a multitude of very sinuous, sandy and perfect coves for lonely nights of anchoring aboard a ship.

The ruins of Cazrea are a good tourist attraction on the island of KeaCazrea It was the most important city of the four cities of the Ancient Kea. It was established during the archaic years and had a long life span until the Byzantine period. It is in the part southeast of the island, in the coastal area that today is called Poles.

A monument that You can not miss it is Argeos Leon or also called the Ancient Lion. Located at a distance of 1,5 km. Northeast of Iulida. It is the sculpture of an imposing lion, the Lion of Kea or Liondas, as the locals call it. The sculpture is from the archaic years, 600 BC and is present in many ancient legends of the islandAs for example, the myth that says that the Lion expelled the Nymphs that lived among the sources of the island, which consequently caused the cessation of rain and the devastation of the cultivated fields.

There are few works to see in Kea so the best thing to do is enjoy its incredible landscapes, its unforgettable aromas, of the talks at sunset with the countrymen enjoying their hospitality and amazing lights and reflections that offers the sea with sunlight.

Where to stay in Kea?

Kea It has very good hotels in all of it, then we will mention the best towns of the island and its advantages. Among other options and recommendations that we will also give you when searching Accommodation on the island of Kea.

The people of Corisia, is  Kea natural harbor. It is a village coastal, picturesque and the island's tourist center. Walking to the port you can find stores with tourist objects, restaurants, cafes, hypermarkets, hotels and apartments for rent.

Otzias It is a town with stone houses, which are built around the bay, so that they seem as if they were one intermingling with nature. It is an ideal place to relax, swim, take a walk and enjoy typical food.

Milopotamos It is a town where there are 11 water mills. In the past they operated all year round and, together with the windmills, supplied the town with flour. The watermills are a characteristic example of Kea architecture. Most of these are currently abandoned despite the fact that there are some that are inhabited. Needless to say, it is a very quiet town.

Cunduros or Nirisos It is a tourist town with wonderful beaches and impressive stone mills that are inhabited. As well as Iulida, the capital of the island, equipped with all the comforts you can imagine being one of the best areas of the island to stay.

An option to consider if you have a Barco es tie up in the village of Corisia, saying moorage It's economic if we compare it with the prices of a hotel.

In any case, and whatever the way you prefer to stay, it can be said that the whole island she's so sure and that you choose the district you choose will feel in a totally different time where problems do not exist given the relaxed rhythm of life that the villagers carry.