The best excursions near Madrid

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Knowing the surroundings of the capital is also a way of traveling, without having to catch a plane, pack a suitcase or ask for days off from work.

Maybe talk about excursions near Madrid It does not seem, at first glance, as attractive as telling a trip to the Caribbean, Asia or any other distant destination, however, it can be just as enriching. With the pandemic, restrictions and perimeter confinements, the pleasure of traveling around the usual place of residence has been rediscovered, a forgotten pleasure that is here to stay.

The site It is a clear example of the rise of this type of proximity travel that is conquering many people. Good to take advantage of a few days off, a weekend, or why not, plan a week of vacation going from town to town around the capital.

This way of traveling that rescues the first vacations of our parents and grandparents and brings us memories of childhood, not only better fits the family and personal budget, but also help to reactivate the local economy and serve to promote the pleasure of the simple and traditional. Of course, not everything is calm and bucolic peace, since you can also live real adventures a few kilometers from your usual home.

The most attractive destinations a few kilometers from Madrid

Whether it is to spend a weekend, a few days off, a long weekend, or why not, as long as everyone wants, the following excursions near Madrid can become destinations to return to again and again.

Getaways in Nature

For lovers of hiking and nature, the Sierra de Guadarrama in Cercedilla, the Lozoya Valley, Rascafría and the reservoir of La Pinilla, a view of the Hayedo de Montejo, the Peñalara Natural Park or an excursion to El Atazar are just some examples that will conquer those who visit them.

Charming villages

Another good option is to take a tour of some of the wonderful and many charming towns that surround the capital. La Aldea del Fresno, Robledillo de la Jara, El Berrueco, Puentes Viejas, Patones de Arriba, or strolling through the majestic Manzanares el Real may be the perfect plan to be amazed by the beauty of our country's natural heritage.

Wine routes

Although it is unknown by many Madrilenians, Madrid is also a land of wines, and from there was born La Ruta del Vino de la Comunidad de Madrid, which is divided into four wine-producing Subzones: Navalcarnero, Arganda del Rey, San Martín de Valdeiglesias and El Molar . Without a doubt, a unique opportunity to taste the gastronomy and the great wines of the area.

Multi-adventure parks

For those looking to release adrenaline or want to take the little ones in the house to spend some dreamy days, multi-adventure parks are a perfect option. In the surroundings of Madrid there are to choose: De Pino a Pino, Forestal Park Guadarrama, Multiaventura Buendía or Multiaventura Park are just some examples. For both adults and children, these adventure parks are specialized in having a good time outdoors while practicing physical activity.

Any of these experiences can be lived as a couple, as a family or with friendsIt all depends on what you want to experience, but as this article has shown, near Madrid there are fantastic places to get lost. Surely you will discover many advantages of this way of traveling, which rather than being new, rescues a more sustainable and relaxed way of life.

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