León, travel guide of the Spanish city: everything basic and essential


Travel guide of the Spanish city of León with all the basics and essentials.

Cathedral of León, Spain
Cathedral of León, Spain © Madrugada Verde - Fotolia.com

León It is a beautiful city, it is located in the northwest of Spain; With about 133.000 inhabitants, it is a whole Cosmopolitan city in cultural matters. So, dear tourist friend, to visit this charming city, you must carry the most comfortable shoes in your luggage, because this enchanting city has a large number of monuments, sites and emblematic buildings that invite us to a pleasant and enjoyable journey.

What can I see in León?

In León, it is advisable to visit the the Camino de Santiago, declared by Unesco as a World Heritage Site in 1993, it is one of the most emblematic places, since it represents the route that the Apostle Santiago made, in his pilgrimage and evangelization, being a site visited by all Catholics.

Once the visit is over, another place of interest that you can go to is the  Basilica of San Isidoro, where in addition to appreciating the fervor of faith by tourists and locals, you will be able to appreciate the imposing architecture of this place, leaving you with a feeling of beauty and majesty. Once there, it will be easier for you to know other places of interest, since you will find yourself located in the area of ​​the city that concentrates most of historic buildings and representative, as they are; he Convent of San Marcos (León), the Palace of Count Luna, Casa Botines, La Plaza Mayor, Barrio Húmedo, among others.

The city of León, with more than two thousand years since its foundation, offers us monuments and sculptures everywhere, among which we will find the sculpture of Neptune, La negrilla, in Santo Domingoinstalled the four lions, located on the bridge of the lions, reflecting the grandeur and majesty of itself, and without a doubt admired by all passers-by and visitors who come to the city.


Museum and green areas

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Another interesting tour that we can take in the city of León, is that of visit the museums of the city, the route we can start with one of the most modern, The Museum of Contemporary Art of Castilla y León, after this visit we can go to Museum of León, where we will appreciate that its theme is dedicated to narrate its history through Archeology, Art and Ethnography.

If we want to learn about the history of the Spanish monarchy, we must go to the Museum of the Royal Collegiate Church of San Isidoro, there you will find the Pantheon of the Kings, rich in architecture and known as the Sistine Chapel of the Romanesque, the tour can be continued by the Foundation Museum Vela Zanetti, the Diocesan Cathedral Museum of León and the Sierra-Pambley Museum.

Leon, Spain - Interior of the historic center
Leon, Spain - Inside the old town © CB94 - Fotolia.com

In addition, the city of León offers us variety in green areas, the city has an ecological network, which are mostly grouped into the following parks and gardens, such as Parque del Chantre, Parque de Quevedo, Jardin del Cid, Jardin de San Francisco and La Granja Park. Even so, the green lung of the city is parallel to the Bernesga River, this runs from the San Marcos convent to the vicinity of the bullring.

In the park we can find different species of trees, shrubs and birds, among which we can appreciate the horse chestnut, white maples, cypresses, junipers, plums, elms, holm oaks, beech and wisteria, among others; and find birds like blackcap, sapper swallow, greenfinch, wagtail, and more.

After such a long journey as the previous one, it is necessary to take a look at the gastronomy of the city, which is a combination of the different typical dishes of the province; which are characterized by being  energy-rich in calories, thus, the necessary energy is supplied to carry out the daily tasks during the cold winters of León.

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Gastronomy of the Leonese city

One of the components of these fast dishes, is the sausage, allowing all tourists to savor products such as cecina de León, blood sausage León, chorizo ​​de León and the Botillo del Bierzo, among others. If it is a question of looking for dishes with a greater elaboration, we can find the Maragato stew, the trout soup, the fried and cold trout and the suckling lamb, which are of great importance, within the cuisine of the city; However, vegetarians can find there tradition in the preparation of dishes with legumes and vegetables from the Leonese gardens, some of the dishes are; beans from La Bañeza, peppers from El Bierzo and Fresno de la Vega and leeks from Sahagún.

However, another The city's quintessential culinary offer is TapasThese can be of all kinds, from stews and hot dishes through fried, rice to the lightest of cold and simple dishes. A characteristic of the Leonese tapa is that it is served for free with the drink in any bar in the city, the place that registers the greatest increase in tapas is in the Barrio Húmedo, where the concentration of bars and the dedication of the owners of them, when preparing these exquisite dishes, it is in turn responsible for creating the ideal environment for tapas. In any case, if you like to experiment with drinks, we can recommend the wines of the region, the Bierzo and Tierras de León, being wines with good flavor and consistency.

In terms of desserts, we can find the Imperials from La Bañeza, the Nicanores from Boñar, the Donuts from San Froilán, the Mantecadas from Astorga, the Lazos from San Guillermo de Cistierna, and don't forget to try the rice pudding and fried milk. , I assure you that your partner will be delighted with each of these delicacies.

Then dear friend, go to lion, it's not a boring activityOn the contrary, it will allow you to experience new sensations, acquire more knowledge, live new experiences and anecdotes with your family, which will be kept in your mind and heart, as a unique and unforgettable memory.

So cheer up, to spend your next vacation to León, will only bring your life satisfaction and pleasure.

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