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Lyon city guide (France)


Lyon It is the third most populated city in France, it is a historical, economic, cultural and university center. The ideal city if you want to see the world, what can you expect from Lyon? Business streets, impressive buildings, and exquisite cuisine. Join me on this whirlwind trip and whet your appetite.

Due to its strategic location, Lyon acts as a gateway between the north and the south of Europe. This translates into an impressive transport network, with many highways, motorways and other means of public transport. It is clear that you can arrive with your private vehicle. The highways are good and you can access from various points of the city.

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How to get to the city of Lyon in France

20 kilometers from Lyon is the airport Lyon-Saint Exupéry International; Perhaps the name of Satolas, which is the municipality to which it belongs, sounds more familiar to you. It is an airport with a lot of traffic, almost as much as the airports in Paris. It serves many connecting flights and has about 50 airlines operating, making it easy to find good deals to fly to Lyon.

The airport is connected to a station of the French AVE (for its acronym, TGV). If you want to try it, you can get to Lyon by train. It is a very well connected city, so you will not have problems with schedules and free places. There are two large stations and five smaller ones; Depending on the planning of your trip, one or the other may be more interesting.

The urban transport network

Moving half a million people every day is not an easy task, it requires a very important urban transport network. Visiting the city is enjoyable if you know the different means of public transport and how to combine them. They are all managed by the same company (TCL), it is easier and cheaper.

The following data is from the TCL: you have at your service 4 metro lines, 5 tram lines, 2 funicular lines and 120 bus lines. The metro and tram cover the entire center, and for the rest of the city the best is the bus. An interesting ticket for sightseeing is the Lyon City Card, between € 12 and € 41, which is used for all transport, all distances; the price depends on how many days you hire. Without a doubt, this is the option that I recommend.

Things to do in Lyon

Lyon is a city with a lot of history and culture. The best way to open the lid and look is in the museums. With a museum route you already know Lyon, because you move around the city. The best museums are the Gadagne Museum (which are three museums in one, on the history of Lyon and the Renaissance), the Lumiere Institute - a cinematographic museum -, and the Gallo-Roman museum that focuses on ancient history. Other interesting museums are the fine arts or contemporary art museums.

At street level you can visit different religious and civil buildings. For example, the Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourviere, the Saint Georges church, the Place des Jacobins, the Royal Abbey, the Town hall or other buildings of interest, such as the National Opera, the Bartholdi Fountain, the Wilson Bridge or the House of Lawyers. The old neighborhood Lyon, in the western part of the city, is almost a medieval heritage, very well preserved and practically pedestrianized. There is a lot of tourism around here, but there are museums for all tastes: fabrics, miniatures, plasters, railway, natural history, anatomy, multi-artistic, African ... the list is very long.

If you are a shopaholic, it should not be missing on your list the Part-Dieu neighborhood - You can't miss it, there is a train station with that name. It is the well-known 'business district'. Galleries and shopping centers are not lacking around here. You will find luxury stores and others that are more affordable, but in France what sells the most is artisan products.

In the center of the city there are also many shopping streets, with artisan products, be it objects or food. Silk is the flagship product, the handkerchiefs made in Lyon are very valuable.

La gastronomy It is special and is considered artisan. In fact, Haute Cuisine was born here. The Lyonnaise sauce, the Lyon salchichón, quenelles, salad and wines from the region are essential. Look for a Plug, which is a certified traditional restaurant. You will find most of them in the Old Quarter.

As if all this were not enough, is there more?

There is no beach ... but there is nature

Lyon may not have a beach, but you can also enjoy nature. There are many activities to do outdoor, and I would even dare to say that they are more interesting than lying on the sand in the sun.

Bearing east the rhône river and as close as you will be to the Alps, the possibilities are almost endless, and for all ages. You just have to be willing and adventurous. I'm talking about hiking, going down a stretch of the river in a canoe, climbing, rafting, learning to ride a horse, or discovering the canyons of the Rhone by swimming among its caves and streams. Most of these activities are aimed at tourists, so they will reveal many secrets and curiosities.

The best time is from May to September. The rest of the year water excursions are limited or not practiced due to weather conditions. Think that you have the Alps a few kilometers away and it becomes almost impossible. I recommend that you make the trip in spring or summer.

Hotels in Lyon

And after such an intense day, you are sure to appreciate having a good bed. What area is better for a tourist?

Downtown hotels are closer to the most visited points of interest. There are luxury hotels and other simpler ones. For example, him Cour des Loges 5 stars, in a XNUMXth century building. A more affordable one is the Grand Hotel de la Paix, also in the center.

But if you are looking for something exceptional at a better price, in the periphery is the Crowne Plaza, 4 stars and at a good price. It has all the services, the rooms are spacious, very comfortable and you sleep wonderfully. The exteriors are amazing.

Lyon It is made to live. Discover it!


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