Mallorca: essential places in a visit to the island

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Mallorca is one of the favorite destinations for Spaniards and foreigners for their summer vacations. The largest island of the Balearic archipelago has one of the most complete tourist offers nationwide, a paradisiacal place with dream beaches and incomparable landscape spots with mountain ranges and valleys. To discover the most hidden and enchanted places on the island, it is essential to proceed car rental at the airport of Mallorca, a special way to know on wheels the best landscapes of the area.

The white sand beaches and crystal clear waters are one of the main attractions of the island. With 555 km of coastline and 262 beaches, Mallorca is an ideal place to enjoy an unforgettable summer vacation. In addition, its Mediterranean climate, with usual temperatures between 16 and 18º, offers the perfect conditions to forget about time during rest days. Beyond the sea, the island also has idyllic places to enjoy nature in its purest form. A combination between sea and mountain, which, together with Mallorcan cuisine, make Mallorca an ideal destination to explore its geography by car.

Beaches and coves for sea lovers

Mallorca is a place famous throughout the world among other things for its paradisiacal beaches of white sand, which together with its crystal clear waters create a movie postcard for all those people who love the sea and the waves. The highlights of the Majorcan coast are the coves, small water areas surrounded by mountains in which tourists can enjoy small beaches of fine white sand that meet the Mediterranean Sea.

Caló des Moro is considered one of the most beautiful beaches and coves on the island. The cove is located southeast of Mallorca at only six kilometers from the town of Santanyí, where we can also make a small stop to rent a vehicle at the well-known agency Roig. A small charming enclave with turquoise waters and white sand between two high rock walls surrounded by pines and bushes on the cliffs. An idyllic image in mind of all those tourists who want to visit the largest island of the Balearic archipelago. This place is not only perfect for sea lovers, but those people passionate about diving should mark this place in red on their list of the trip to Mallorca.

Formentor beach, also known as Cala Pi de la Posada, is another of the most famous in Mallorca. Located on the north end of the island, near the village of Port de Pollença, this narrow beach is one of the most extensive of the whole island with 1.000 meters of fine white sand. Its crystal clear turquoise waters, as well as the pine forest that surrounds this cove, make it one of the most attractive places on the Mallorcan coast.

The Sierra de Tramontana and its charming villages

Tourists can also find unique places in Mallorca away from the sand, the sea and the towels. The Sierra de Tramontana, located to the west of the island, is a mountainous group with about 80 kilometers of mountain that cross the island from north to south. This mountain range was Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in the category of natural landscape in the 2011. A place where the sea and mountains merge with a valuable historical and cultural heritage.

In the Sierra de Tramuntana tourists can meet some of the most charming villages on the island, a perfect opportunity to make a route by car through the different towns enjoying an unbeatable natural landscape. Valldemossa is a perfect town to start the itinerary for this Mallorcan mountain range, an enclave located in a privileged geographical situation between mountains. Its old stone houses colored with plants and pots on its facades, its narrow cobbled streets and its gastronomy, with the coca of potato as an essential dessert, are some of the aspects that seduce any traveler who walks through this town.

To the north of Valldemossa is the next mandatory stop, Deià. This town mixes the mountainous green landscape of the Sierra de Tramontana with the blue of the Mediterranean Sea. A quiet enclave away from the hustle and bustle of the major tourist areas of the island that has seduced great names like the English writer Robert Graves or the American painter William Waldren.  This picturesque place in the Majorcan mountain range inspired tourists to explore its narrow streets surrounded by stone houses with views of the sea and the mountains.

Mallorca is one of the most complete destinations for summer vacations. In its 3640 square kilometers, the island houses landscapes of sea and mountains to make all kinds of tourists happy. Paradisiacal beaches, towns with charm and nature, which, together with its gastronomy and its people, make Mallorca a perfect destination.


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