Introduction to Mojácar

Mojacar It is a Spanish town in the province of Almería, located in the Levante Almeriense region and on the shores of the southeastern coastal strip of Andalusia. In their 72 square kilometers Mediterranean beaches coexist, historical monuments and about 7 thousand inhabitants who honor the friendly spirit of the south of the peninsula. A succession of beaches and coves share the limelight on its coasts, although the historical and cultural heritage shine with equal intensity.

Naturally, the climate is one of the great protagonists in these regions, where we can enjoy more than 3 hours of sunshine a year and an average temperature of around 20 ºC. No one should be surprised, therefore, that the municipality is part of the prestigious list 'The most beautiful towns in Spain' since 2013.

La Moorish aesthetic, in addition, it is a constant in Mojacar, with innumerable samples of this culture, which last year received around 3,5 million overnight stays in summer. And it is that this Almeria treasure is not lacking in attractions.

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How can I get to Mojácar?

Being one of the main vacation destinations in the Mediterranean, Mojácar offers unbeatable access from any means of transport. For foreign audiences traveling from cities as far away as Amsterdam, Berlin o Edinburgh, Almería airport is the best way to arrive by plane, given that it is relatively close to the municipality (about 80 km) and has different services (taxi, bus, etc.) that will take us to our destination.

At the station RENFE from the provincial capital we will discover a multitude of lines that will lead us without loss to our destination, so move by train It is also a highly recommended and quite inexpensive option. Tourists who prefer to go Bus You can count on the Alsa company and its different lines, which we will take at the Almería bus station.

To access drive we have at our disposal a whole network of highly efficient roads, depending on where we are. The Autovía del Mediterráneo E-15 connects the town with the rest of Spain; the people of Barcelona will join it from the Pau Casals highway, the people of Madrid from the M-50 highway and the people of Bilbao will link to the North highway from the Basque-Aragonese highway.

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What can we see in Mojácar?

Mojacar - Interior of the town streets, Almería, Spain
Mojácar - Interior of the streets of the town, Almería, Spain (c) Can Stock Photo

The ancient battles between Moors and Christians are very present in these lands, where history, culture and heritage are manifested in innumerable ways, each more surprising. 

La Town Hall Square It is one of the most emblematic enclaves of the municipality, and the best place to relax and taste the gastronomy of Almería. In its very center stands a centenary tree, from the American continent, surrounded by magnificent mosaics that represent the symbol of Indalo. And there are many charms of this square, although the Caño and Parterre squares they will also delight visitors.

La Fountain of the Twelve Pipes It is another of the great monuments of the Andalusian town. To find its origins we must go back to the XNUMXth century, when demographic decline prompted countless reforms aimed at the tourism sector. These waters have received multiple uses and were a privileged witness to the disputes and meetings between the Moorish and Christian people, which is why it is also known as Fuente Mora.

The historical past of the region is especially felt in the Macenas tower, a military construction whose origins date back to the XNUMXth century. In this sense, the Gate of the City —Also known as the Puerta de Almedina— shows a beautiful semicircular arch, with Arabic inscriptions, dating from 1574 and representing the access to the municipality during the Middle Ages. 

What are the best beaches in Mojácar?

One of the beaches of Mojácar, Almería, Spain
One of the beaches of Mojácar, Almería, Spain (c) Can Stock Photo

In Mojácar we will discover 17 km of exotic coastline full of beaches that will surprise locals and strangers, not only for the magic of its panoramic views but also for the quality of its services and facilities, deserving of the most prestigious awards. The aforementioned Moorish beauty is also present on these beaches, where the sun is more intense, gastronomy offers its best flavor and time seems to stop.

La PLaya of Marina de la TorreAwarded with 'Blue Flag' since 2014, it is a marvel of golden sand, with grayish tones, which has lifeguard services, changing rooms, a beach bar and even a children's playground. Water sports show their best version in these waters, although golf is the real protagonist thanks to the magnificent 18-hole course it has.

Located in front of the Commercial Park, the Villazar Stone Beach It is a family space with an intense golden color, where young and old will be delighted. Its 300 meters in length can collapse, considering its excellent hotel offer and the breadth of its services, which makes it one of the best beaches in the municipality.

La beach view of the Angels It is a prestigious area, surrounded by an unsurpassed leisure offer, the most select hotels and the marvelous Mediterranean environment. Also the quality of its waters endorse it as one of the most sensible options for vacationers. A treasure where there are, that is worth knowing.

Wide, suggestive and splendid are the main signs of the Las Ventanicas Beach, a fully equipped jewel that has two well-differentiated areas: Cueva del Lobo beach —a picturesque name that finds its origins in a building with the same name from the sixties— and Venta del Bancal beach. Each one of them gives off a special, unique charm that always leaves a pleasant aftertaste.

La Cantal beach, a true paradise for fans of windsurfing, snorkelling and other water activities, it has clean shores that will become the scene of countless walks at sunset, thanks to the great scenic appeal of the environment. On the other hand, it enjoys an admirable communication, with good accesses, and exceptional facilities. It owes its name to the rocky formation that rises majestically at one of its ends.

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