Reasons why visiting Sitges is ideal for a family vacation

Sitges, near Barcelona
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If you are going to go on a trip with your family but you still don't know where, the province of Barcelona puts at your disposal several destinations that are highly recommended. One of them is known worldwide for organizing a highly relevant film festival. Indeed, we mean Sitges.

Year after year there are many families who decide to go to this municipality of thirty thousand inhabitants located in Garraf, a region with a lot of charm. This is not surprising, taking into account the positive aspects that we will discuss in the next few paragraphs.

Where to stay

Accommodation is very important when traveling as a family. Fortunately in Sitges there is a wide list of possibilities that you can choose from. A clear example is that of Family Villas. In them everyone will be at ease, both the father and the mother and, of course, the smallest of the house.

Although many families tend to value the alternative of staying in a hotel, there are many who end up opting for villas, which is a success in the first place because the aesthetics of these homes. On the other hand, the savings that occur when traveling with many members of the same family are to be appreciated.

The price to pay for a villa is considerably lower in comparison with renting several rooms in a hotel, a factor that is taken into account in the current times in which the health situation has taken a serious economic bill.

It is precisely in this sense that families greatly appreciate the fact that the spaces are completely private, without sharing them with other guests. Regarding families themselves, some villas have exclusive services and extra facilities that everyone likes very much, from a ping pong table that allows you to play games that strengthen family ties to a swimming pool with a diving board.

Children are always very comfortable in Sitges

It is undeniable that when traveling as a family, above all, you tend to think about the well-being and fun of the little ones. Luckily, the vast majority of them are delighted with their trip to Sitges.

Exactly the same thing happens with parents, for whom it is not a dish of good taste to be in an area full of tourists or locals with their own children. This does not happen in this town of Garraf, since despite being so well known throughout the world, it has been able to take the appropriate measures to not overcrowded not even in the middle of the summer season.

Few coastal municipalities can say the same, but stroll through the center of Sitges with the family it's a real pleasure without having to constantly dodge passersby.

Regarding activities, there are for everyone. It is for this reason that any member of the family has a great time, the little ones acquiring special importance. Almost all of them love the beach, so Sitges will conquer them from minute one.

Beyond the coast itself, this municipality is home to numerous family restaurants. In these cozy facilities there is always a very good atmosphere and local cuisine is offered with an excellent value for money, being able to afford a feast even on the seafront to enjoy at the same time spectacular views that will never be forgotten.
After an exploration of the area mounted on the tourist train that runs through a large part of the cityAll the members of the family will agree to affirm the desire that you have to return to Sitges soon.

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