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Guide to the city of Nantes (France)

For its history, Nantes remains half trapped between two cultures. For centuries it was the British capital controlled by the dukes, and its influence marked the culture of Nantes and the city.

Although it was not so large as to really be considered a capital, the fact that the authorities resided there made it the scene of numerous battles and sieges.

El historical and architectural legacy from that time he enriched the city. To this day we can still enjoy its beauty. In addition to the industrial and technological development that Nantes has experienced in recent years, the result is simply marvelous. Check it out.

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How to get to the city of Nantes in France

El airport Nantes Atlantique is in the municipality of Bougenais, just 10 minutes from downtown. It is the largest in western France, and 25 aircraft land different flight companies. From the airport there is connection to the city by train, tram, bus and taxi.

To get from Spain, another good option is the TGV, the French AVE. Depending on which part of the border you enter, you will need the line Bordeaux-Nantes (which connects with train from Irún), or Lyon-Nantes (connects with Barcelona).

El bus It is also a comfortable transport and usually a little cheaper. Several bus companies make international trips. French destinations are common in their journeys, including the city of Nantes.

Finally, the ship is perhaps the least used. Most of the ships that dock in the port of Nantes are freighters, but also some cruise occasionally.

Move around the city of Nantes

Public transport is made up of several lines of tram and bus that circulate from the 7 in the morning. There are fewer service buses from 21.00 to 00.30. They work like in the rest of France, there are tickets that last a day and you can use them as many times as you want. If you have thought to see the city on foot you will think it is not worth it, but a couple of tram stops in each place you visit will save you a lot of tiredness at the end of the day, and it will be good when you return to the hotel.

There is also a service Bike public that you can rent several days. It is an interesting way of tourism: healthy, different and fun. To visit neighboring towns, renting a car can be a great help, but it is not absolutely necessary if you are not going to leave the city.

What to see in Nantes

Nantes, France - Cathedral of Saint Pierre and Saint Paul
Nantes, France - Cathedral of Saint Pierre and Saint Paul © Didier Doceux -

I've told you that Nantes was about history and culture. What do you want to see? You have the route of the museums, and the one of the monuments.

El Castle of the Dukes of Brittany is awesome. It was built in the fifteenth century as a military fortress, and according to the occupation of the city was inhabited by French or Breton. Currently in the interior of the castle is the Museum of History of Nantes; One of the 32 halls explains what happened to the castle over time. The rest of the exhibition focuses on the city and its evolution.

Other monuments and beautiful places are the door of San Pedro (in the wall of the city); Plaza Royale, where the division between the new and old part of Nantes is observed; and the LU tower.

Nantes Town Hall
Nantes City Hall @https: // Ayuntamiento-plaza-733961/

Does it remind you of the brand of LU cookies? It was precisely the cookie factory of that brand, the company was called Lieu Unique. In the 2000 year it was decided to give this place a unique cultural and artistic air, and the truth is that it has been achieved.

Here you can find artists of all kinds - painting, sculpture, music, theater - every week there is at least one show and several days of exhibitions. The culmination are the bars and restaurants, which give another point of view to culture, where leisure and art merge into one. Visit this space at the beginning of your holidays, you will like it so much that you will go again before you leave.

La night life It is also interesting, it can even be combined with culture. The number of students in Nantes encourages the environment. The medieval district of BouffayIn addition to being beautiful and curious, it has many bars and restaurants with day and night life. Le Tie Break is a piano bar very popular among the Nantes.

You can also enjoy live music in venues like Lieu Unique, which was formerly a factory but became a cultural center with exhibitions, concerts and, of course, a restaurant for you to enjoy culture in another way. If you like jazz, go to Universe Café; and if you like rock, Spoutnick It's your drinks bar. There are many more, but they are the most appreciated by the French. After all, they know what they do.

The best beaches of Nantes

The river that crosses Nantes flows into Saint Nazaire. Here there are more than 20 beaches, all beautiful. But I would stay with an almost secret beach that many tourists do not know. Is Plage PorcéIt is not as visible as the others and you have to walk a little, but it is very beautiful. With sand and rocks, the sunsets are spectacular.

Another site near Nantes where there are beaches is Saint-Brevin. The beach Ocean It is also very beautiful, with clean sand and clear water. It is ideal for surfing, windsurfing, sailing and other water sports.

Where to sleep

The best area to look for hotel in Nantes is in the center, next to the river. You can find luxury hotels, such as Sozo. The building where he is staying was formerly a church. The decoration is exquisite, you will feel like in a castle. It is the perfect hotel for a honeymoon or a dream vacation.

There are also cheaper hotels, such as Residhome Berges de La Loire. This is simpler, but with all the basic services. Some rooms even have a kitchen, allowing you to plan a different vacation.

There have been many things in the pipeline, it's worth it to come to Nantes and discover them.


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