Offer: Auschwitz + Salt mines in a day

Auschwitz concentration camps and the Wieliczka Salt Mine They are essential visits if you travel to Poland. In this tour you can save money and performing Both tours in the same day.

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Spanish · 12-13 hours

Offer: Auschwitz + Salt mines in a day

Krakow It is one of the places in the world richest in history and exceptional for its beauty that can be found. That is why it is recommended that all visitors and travelers take advantage of every possible moment to visit its corners.

Within these exceptional places are the famous Salt Mines and the somber and important Auschwitz concentration camps. Based on the fundamental fact that all travelers can meet them in the least amount of time possible (between one place and another), we offer you a tour where you can meet both places in the same day.

We have developed a very well planned tour, so that each of the places can be known in detail and in a reasonable time. So that you can live the experience of contrasting two places so dissimilar, but so important to Krakow.


The Auschwitz concentration camps are one of the most significant contemporary historical samples that humanity keeps. They show that evil can devastate the world, but above all they are a reminder of the place where human ambition cannot return.

In this place you can see first hand how thousands of Jews were victims of the horrors produced by the Nazis. You can see how the gas chambers and hunger cells were.

Salt Mines

This place is a natural monument that has been declared a World Heritage Site. It contains one of the most important artistic treasures in the entire world. It is a nature reserve decorated by some 300 kilometers of bas-relief pictorial galleries made in salt blocks by its former workers.

Route of the route

This tour is very similar to those we offer for each location, so in advance we guarantee the same quality, but in a shorter time. It is designed for those who want to make the most of their vacation days.

In the first instance you should know that the meeting point is located the center of Krakow. From there it will leave for the population of Auschwitz, in which the devastating concentration camps will be known.

During the tour we will provide the pertinent information to each of the sections in which the concentration camp is divided. They tell stories of the Jews, captivity and how the terrible extermination of that population developed.

Subsequently, upon arrival we will have a first stop in Auschwitz I to appreciate the gas and cremation chambers that still remain, despite 75 having passed years of the bloody war. Next, we will go to Auschwitz II - Birkenau, known place of Nazi extermination specialized in the elimination of thousands of Jews.

After a rest to overcome, in the afternoon we will go to the Salt Mines and we will go directly to the cave to finally appreciate the chapel of St. Kinga.

Important information

  • Duration: 12-13 pm.
  • Languages: The tour is done exclusively in Spanish.
  • Includes: Round trip from Krakow by bus, Spanish speaking guide, Entrance to Auschwitz concentration camps and entrance to the Wieliczka Salt Mine.
  • When to book: reservations are allowed until the 20: 00 of the previous day (Krakow time) provided there are places left.
  • Cancellation: Free! Cancel without expenses until 3 days before the activity. If you cancel with less time or do not show up, no refund will be offered.


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