Mother's Day Special Promotion: Put your mother through the clouds!


If all your life you have put your mother through the clouds and you want her to know how important it is for you, do not hesitate, and turn this dream into reality! The Empuriabrava Wind Tunnel It makes it very easy for your mother to fly through the clouds, or almost.

WINDOOR offers a special pack "Mother's Day" so you can surprise her with a gift she will never forget: the experience of flying, more than 10 meters high, accompanied by the best professionals, who will show you that love is in the air.

This original pack includes the amazing gift of an indoor flight in WINDOOR Wind tunnel of Empuriabrava, in Gerona; a theoretical class and complete equipment to enjoy this special gift to the fullest. A unique experience that will free your mother from the daily routines and allow you to have an amazing time, as a family. The flights are adapted to each user and you can fly very quietly or enjoy the most adrenalin-like feeling if your mother is passionate about speed. The instructors adapt the flight experience to each person to make it an unforgettable moment for everyone!

Because the dreams are to fulfill them, do not hesitate, Put your mother through the clouds!


Special Mother's Day Pack: 

WINDOOR Wind Tunnel of Empuriabrava it allows you to give away the dream of flying in a safe environment.

The WIND2 pack includes: Flight in the Tunnel + Theoretical class of flight + equipment rental to fly (monkey, glasses, helmet) + 2 flights of 1 minute + indoor flight diploma.

Extras: Photos and videos of the flight and merchandising of the Tunnel.

Special 30 promotion from April to 6 in May (both included). Mother's Day Pack

(Wind2): 39 € (20% usual price discount).

You can order the gift and receive a Special Mother's Day Gift Certificate in the Central Reservations of WINDOOR Real Fly Wind Tunnel of Empuriabrava ( Phone Number 972 45 40 40)

Dates: Offer valid until the May 6th. Gift voucher redeemable until 6 months after the date of purchase.


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