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Around Barcelona

Do you plan to come to Barcelona on your next vacation? Excellent decision! The second largest city in Spain is one of those destinations that you have to visit at least once in your life.

Impressive monuments and museums, architecture from different eras, picturesque neighborhoods, exquisite cuisine and just over four kilometers of beach are its main tourist and cultural attractions.

Now, your visit will not be complete if you do not include in your itinerary some of the charming towns in Barcelona. Why do we say this? Keep reading to know the answer.

Sitges: sun, sand and something else

Sitges, near Barcelona
Sitges, near Barcelona @https: //

Traveling by car, this town is only fifty minutes away. Sant Sebastià is a must-see. In addition to its restaurants with terraces by the sea, this beach has sports facilities, drink kiosks, showers area, rental service of sunbeds and umbrellas ... in short, everything you need to enjoy a full day of relaxation and / or fun by the sea.

On the other hand, during ten days of the month of October, Sitges hosts one of the best events in Europe. We refer to the International Film Festival of Catalonia. Every year, thousands of people gather in this town to enjoy the best movies of the fantastic genre.

Being present at Corpus Christi in June is another reason to visit Sitges. For little more than a week, the main streets of this destination are filled with beautiful floral carpets, made mostly of carnations and rice husks.

And if you are a lover of ancient architecture and history, you can not leave without visiting the Church of Sant Bartomeu and Santa Tecla (visible from a good part of the town) the Bacardí House and the Maricel, Cau Ferrat and Romantic museums.

Vic: festivals and history

Do you want to know another charming town? Then you must travel an hour away to get to Vic. Its Plaza Mayor is surrounded by splendid buildings, including the Palau Comella and the Town Hall. We also recommend visiting the Episcopal Museum, the Roman Temple, the Cathedral of San Pedro Apóstol and the Monastery of Sant Pere de Casserres, a magnificent construction made entirely of stone.

Every year, the streets that belong to the historic center are completely transformed, thanks to the Medieval Mercat. If you travel through the old town during the first days of December, you will feel as if you are traveling in time. Ornaments, jewelry, accessories and groceries typical of the Middle Ages are sold at different points. Taverns are also set up, ideal for eating and drinking as did the Catalans of the 10th century. On the other hand, dances, music, artistic shows, exhibitions and dramatic representations of that era constitute the cultural offer.

When the month of September arrives, several spaces of the city become headquarters of the Mercat de Música Viva. Musicians, groups and members of the local and international music industry meet in Vic four days a year to present their material in forums and live concerts.

Begur: beautiful inside and out

Begur, near Barcelona
Begur, near Barcelona @https: //ña-girona-720891/

At one hour and forty-five minutes from the Catalan metropolis, is a town full of hills, whose coastline is bathed by the waters of the Mediterranean. As it happens with several towns located in the Costa Brava, in Begur there are nautical services companies that allow you to take a boat trip. To those who do, it is hard for them to decide which scene is more paradisiacal: the one of the sea seen from Begur, or that of Begur observed from the sea.

There is no doubt, in Barcelona and its surroundings there is always much to see and do. Many countries of the world would like to have even a part of the charm that this region of Catalonia has in a relatively few square kilometers.

Monells: the town where time stopped

If you enjoy the Medieval Market of Vic, Monells (located two hours from the capital of Catalonia) you will love it. Not only a few days, but all the time, this town seems to be in the Middle Ages. Its walls, castles, houses and its square remind us of the time when kings, nobles and knights strolled through its streets. Some of the most emblematic buildings are the Palaue, the Mas Vilà, the Arcs and the Fonda La Pepa Maca, now equipped as hotels. If you can, stay in one of these.

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