What services can improve the travel experience for the next vacation?

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Taking a vacation trip with the family, including the pet, can be an incredible experience if you know how to take advantage of the different professional and quality services that we are going to indicate throughout this article, in this way you can make the trip unforgettable .

Accommodation with pets

One of the most important members of the family are pets, so if you are thinking of traveling and do not want to leave your dog home alone, you can take advantage of the hotels with pets in Valencia, and thus enjoy the great offer 'Dog Friendly' in the city.

Pet tourism in Valencia It is growing, that is why it is easier to get offers of activities and hotels, being possible to visit many places with your pet, and then arrive at an accommodation adapted for the canine's stay.

In Valencia you will have the opportunity to go with your dog to the different parks and gardens available in the city, such as the Jardin del Turia or the Viveros. You can also walk along the river Turia, being possible from here to enjoy the City of Arts and Sciences.

Valencia is a dog-friendly city, so if you plan to travel with your pet, it can be an excellent tourist destination.

The perfect vehicle

If you are looking for a unique experience during your vacation, traveling by motorhome will guarantee you a more intimate, fun and special trip with your family, since motorhomes are vehicles that have all kinds of comforts, from beds, bathroom, kitchen, sink, WiFi and everything necessary to make the trip comfortable for everyone.

In addition, you can choose the one that best suits your space needs, since companies specializing in motorhome rental have a quite varied fleet of vehicles, so you will surely find the most suitable for your trip.

Similarly, these companies will advise you on the choice of the motorhome, taking into account your needs and budget.

These services will guarantee you a functional motorhome in the best conditions, with unlimited kilometers so that you can travel by road to any place in Europe, so that you can stop and visit the places you want, without worrying about transport or accommodation.

Enjoy the sea

Furthermore, the catamaran rental Mallorca is one of the services most demanded by Spaniards who want to spend their vacations sailing in the waters of Majorca. And thanks to the Real Yacht Charter company, specialized in the rental of boats and catamarans, you can have the perfect boat to start sailing.

These services will allow you to choose the boat with or without a skipper, in this way you will have a professional navigating the boat while you enjoy yourself with your family, or you can take care of controlling it yourself if you like to navigate.

The catamarans have everything you need so that you can enjoy the best trip, from beds, showers, tables, chairs, furniture, gas cooker, electric refrigerator, GPS, among other types of equipment. 

The company has several catamarans available, with different maximum passenger capacities and different prices per day, in this way you can find one adjusted to what you want.

A tourist destination that you must visit

If you do not know where to go on your next vacation and you are looking for a tourist destination that gives you an unforgettable experience, you can go to Macaronesia, a unique region in the whole world, where you can meet birds and cetaceans that are not seen anywhere else.

In addition, now you can count on the Macaronesia Wildlife Adventure route, which will take you to know this area while you enjoy sailing in a sailing boat. So find out more about the Macaronesia Wildlife Adventure here, to know a little more about how to make the reservation, what you will see on the tour, and even the days that the trip will last.

The route is divided into several stages, in which you will get to know the marine fauna, the gastronomy of the region and the most emblematic places in the area, such as the Chinijo Archipelago, the Big Bay or the Wild Islands.

During the trip, the skipper will tell you the story about the areas you are going to visit, he will talk about the animals and all kinds of interesting curiosities. 

And it is that through these services you will have the opportunity to enjoy a unique vacation while traveling with your family or pet, whether traveling through a city, the highway or sailing through the sea.

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