What to see and do in Porto

Ribeira neighborhood, Porto
Ribeira neighborhood, Porto (c) Can Stock Photo / antoniosena

a weekend in Porto It is the perfect getaway, whether you go alone, as a couple or with friends. Porto, the city of wine, of the terraces on the banks of the Duero, of good parties, of tiles, and, of course, of good people, with its well-known hospitable character, is presented as a vibrant city and nothing has to envy the neighbor and always charming Lisbon ideal to tour it with someone free tour porto that are so fashionable now.

Although any time is good to travel to Porto, it is true that winter would be the least favorable, the ideal season to visit Porto would be spring and autumn since there are not so many people and everything is cheaper than in summer.

And do not forget to see it at night, wandering from one side to another with the dim light of its streetlights is a spectacle to see and feel, take advantage of the fact that there are some dark porto free tour that will give you the opportunity to be told the myths and legends of this city.

And now yes, let's go with some of the unforgettable places to visit while we are in this city.

The Ribeira neighborhood

It is the most photographed in this city and one of the most visited areas of the city and it is that between its colorful houses, its restaurants with traditional food and its musical atmosphere it is a full-fledged plan.

The Porto Cathedral (La Sé de Porto)

You should never miss a visit to the cathedrals that, beyond being a place of religious worship, are impressive places to see. In this case, inside this church, built since the XNUMXth century, visit the cloisters covered with typical Porto tiles.

Café Majestic, a traditional café to visit in Porto

As you walk along Rua Santa Catarina, you can stop at one of the most traditional cafes in Porto, the Café Majestic, from 1921, which was frequented by the author of Harry Potter when she lived in the city, according to her "one of the most more beautiful where he has written».

Sao Bento train station

In Spanish, the San Benito station is one of those monuments that brings together a greater number of visits to the city, so you can get an idea of ​​how beautiful it can be. Its walls are covered with tiles that speak about the history of the country and that classify it as one of the most beautiful in Europe.

The Ribeira

In the most emblematic neighborhood of Porto, La Ribeira, we find dozens of colorful houses facing the river. It is a great place to rest, take a leisurely walk or, well, sit in one of its many crowded terraces while some street artist delights us with his music.

The Guindais funicular

Our last recommendation on what to see in Porto, or rather in the old town, is the funicular. As we have already mentioned, Porto is a city that can be visited very well on foot, but you have to bear in mind that some climbs are quite steep. This funicular takes you from the Ribeira to the cathedral, at the highest point.

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