What to see and what to do in Cádiz


Cadiz It is best known for its Carnival, but beyond parties and chirigotas, this city has a lot to offer to anyone who visits it. To begin with, remember that it is ana of the oldest cities in the european continent, since it was founded around 1100 BC by the Phoenicians. That is, what a story to tell and a lot. Due to its location it has always been a disputed area for trade, since it is strategically located between Europe and Africa.

The same Romans they realized this and they established a maritime base there, which would be used years later by Muslims in the wake of their conquest. Today there are a few hotels in Cádiz to satisfy the most demanding (like the IBEROSTAR Andalucía Playa) and that will be the first thing to book to ensure a few unique days.

Although its years of maximum splendor were left behind for all that commerce offered, Cádiz is still a point of reference in Spain and now this Andalusian city offers many other things to see and do. It would be almost impossible to list them all, but here are some of the most prominent.

Visit its towers. The city of Cádiz is full of towers. Its origin, precisely, is in the times when trade had more weight in this place. They simply served to monitor everything that entered and left the port. It is the Tavira Tower that has, perhaps, a greater relevance because thanks to its location and its height it was the main one that fulfilled the previous work. Those who climb it will not only be able to enjoy splendid views of the city, they will also have a presentation in their Dark Chamber.

Cadiz Museum. As we have already mentioned, this is a place with a lot of history and there is no better way to approach its past than visiting the museum created with this mission. It is located in the Plaza de Mina and there await paintings, statues and even sarcophagi.

Plaza de las Flores. It is as this place is known but, in reality, its name is Plaza de Topete. Quite simply, all the vendors who are usually around this place with flowers (obviously) made the first of the names end up becoming more popular. In this place there is always hustle and bustle. If what you are looking for is the good fried fish, this is where the gaditanos themselves go, so it is an essential place to go through.

Beach of the Cove. It is one of the best known beaches and became a reference for many artists who found in this place (located between two castles, San Sebastián and Santa Catalina) an inexhaustible source of inspiration. The views in this area are idyllic and always invite to the quiet and romantic walk. If you have the opportunity, you should not miss its sunrises and sunsets.

The Cathedral. Although we talk about one of them, in reality Cádiz has two cathedrals. The most modern began to be built in the year 1776 and the work would be maintained for more than a century. It is precisely because of this delay that the visitor will be able to appreciate, at first sight, that there are two types of stone in its facade. The same goes for your styles. Here the baroque and neoclassicism walk hand in hand, something somewhat unique.

Genovés Park. This place invites you to rest and disconnect. In it are a multitude of plants and trees that were brought from the Americas at the time when Cádiz served as a key point in trade. Statues and fountains are not lacking on its route. Since it was built (XNUMXth century) it has not stopped attracting locals and travelers. If you have time, it will surely turn out to be a pleasant surprise.

Buy fresh tuna. Yes, it is time to stop by the Market Square (yes, the sooner the better, although not much early) The same Japanese wholesalers dispute this precious fish in the markets and do everything possible to take it to Tokyo. If you taste, simply grilled, you will know why so much stir.

Eat churros in the Manolo booth. Nor there is a party worth its salt that doesn't end in this place. In fact, its success is usually such that it is almost always to the brim and those who do not know how to wait opt ​​for other places, but this one has a special charm and they make the churros like nobody else (at its point and without excess oil)

Learn another 'dialect' in the 'Piojito'. It is a street market where there is no talk of Cadiz, but a variant of it. Those who are foreigners find it impossible to understand and the Spaniards themselves have a hard time deciphering it, but that is part of their charm. What does not get rid even one of those who pass through here is to make the day. Of course, only found on Mondays.


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