Riviera Maya - Travel guide to the Mexican area: all the basics and essentials


Travel guide of the Riviera Maya in Mexico: all the basics and essentials to travel there.

Riviera Maya - Tulum, Mexico
Riviera Maya - Tulum, Mexico (c) Can Stock Photo

The Riviera Maya is a wonderful place with fascinating natural landscapes that contain the history of an entire culture full of customs, beliefs and mysterious ways of life.

It is located in Mexico along the Caribbean Sea, along with Cancun forms a place made for fun, rest and unforgettable adventures that will make a well deserved vacation with everything you need to have a great time.

Encouraging to know about the Mayan culture, its history, its mysteries and customs can be quite interesting, there are many places in the Riviera Maya and Cancun that are worth visiting to spend time getting to know, learning and enjoying the activities designed to live many experiences in all tastes.

The Riviera Maya is a magical place to spend it with your family or with your partner, this place has places that can awaken love and romance to make you feel very strongly, those who dare to live this experience will have the possibility to build a I remember that it will never be forgotten, the beauty of its surroundings and the multiple activities manage to conquer all the tourists that visit it.



How to get to the Riviera Maya?

To get to the Riviera Maya, the best option we have in the area, there you will get to the international airport of Cancun from where you can communicate to the other cities of the Riviera Maya. Different airlines work with this destination, there are several prices almost available to everyone depending on the quality of travel you want.

Once you arrive in Cancun there are different transport agencies that are responsible for taking people to the place of Cancun that you want, among these options are taxis or buses, you have to be careful and take them only in authorized places to avoid have security problems

This is the only way to travel around this place since it only has one airport, however the experience can be more fun considering that on the road trip you can see its wonderful landscapes and many interesting things. 

What places should be visited in the Riviera Maya?

Mayan Riviera - Chichen Itza, Mexico
Riviera Maya - Chichén Itzá, Mexico (c) Can Stock Photo

La Riviera Maya It is an extensive place with much to enjoy in terms of activities and culture, there are many sites that can be visited both in Cancun and in the other cities along the Riviera Maya, it is difficult to choose which are better but we will mention some of the main and favorite by the tourist taking into account that there are many more places.

Playa del Carmen: it is considered the heart of the Riviera Maya for its perfect mix between sea, beach and jungle, in this place we will find a city with great economic growth and very important hotel structures throughout the country. Apart from this this place for its geographical shape and reserves within it allows you to do different activities that are great entertainment, here you can practice diving, water sports, fishing, boating, golf, shopping, bars, restaurants and absolutely everything you need to be very comfortable enjoying its attractions.

Tulum: It was the first city reported by the Spanish in the XNUMXth century, it is a place that still houses many important pieces of Mayan architecture, art and culture.

Puerto Morelos: it is ideal for those who prefer a place with more serenity, here the beaches are less crowded and there are few hotel offers, this small town is perfect for diving enthusiasts who wish to have a more peaceful experience.

Riviera Maya - Playa del Carmen, Mexico
Riviera Maya - Playa del Carmen, Mexico (c) Can Stock Photo

Puerto Aventuras: It is a quiet place with a wonderful landscape, here people can enjoy sport fishing, swimming with dolphins, golf and much more.

Try: it is an archaeological site that preserves different buildings and monuments typical of the Mayan culture, few are those who want to lose this great attraction.

Cancún: in Cancun there is a lot of movement because it is the place where most tourists arrive, however there are many places to visit and stay, offers different activities to know the culture and to live different adventures both this land and all the Mayan Riviera

In general there are many places that we can visit, in each one we will find different activities that are worth exploring to live out of the ordinary adventures, these spaces are designed for rest, the connection with the environment and the trip towards the Mayan culture, it is worth doing a great tour and discover all its mysteries.

What are the means of transportation within the Riviera Maya and Cancun?

In the Riviera Maya and Cancun we can find different taxi agencies and public service buses, these are available 24 hours of the day to provide the service at the time considered necessary.

Taxi fares can be more expensive while bus fares are low and fixed. In addition to this there are many who are dedicated to rent cars or motorcycles which can be another great way to transport us in the Riviera Maya, obviously it is more expensive but provides much comfort.

What can you eat in the Riviera Maya?

The cuisine in the Riviera Maya is quite varied and even more knowing that it is made up of different places, however today I am going to leave you some of the typical dishes that you can find along the Riviera.

Almost always the dishes are based on seafood and sea fish, but among other recipes we can find Papadzules, guacamole, cochinita pibil, variety of tacos and spicy dishes.

Also in restaurants it is possible to find international food for those who prefer this type of dinner, it is sought that everyone is comfortable with the food so that they do not have a single inconvenience. 

Going shopping in the Riviera Maya

In the Riviera Maya there is a great diversity of shops among which stand out the Fifth Avenue of Playa del Carmen, in all places there are different shops, markets and crafts where people can find a variety of details that combine the Mayan culture and modern tastes, here there are a variety of reminders, handmade crafts, ceramics, clothing and different accessories made by the same craftsmen or that come from exclusive brands.

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