Romantic outings in Prague

Prague - Gunpowder Tower
Prague - Gunpowder Tower @Brian Kinney / Shutterstock

The city of PragueFamous for its history and the beauty of its architecture, it is the perfect place for a romantic getaway. The city is above all known for its great historical and cultural wealth.

What to do and see in Prague?

The architectural variety of Prague is unmatched. Different styles are represented in the constructions of the city: Renaissance, Baroque, Art Nouveau, Contemporary, among others. It is also well known for its lively cultural life. Thanks to its hundreds of museums, Prague is the perfect city for lovers of culture, history and architecture. However, it also has several gardens and parks ideal for a walk or a romantic getaway. There are a variety of must-see places in Prague. Next, we will see a selection of these.

The Old Town Square

This old square contains an important part of Prague social life since the Middle Ages. The alleys that surround this square are pleasant and the square has several interesting buildings such as the Church of Our Lady of Tyn and the Old Town Hall. The Church of Our Lady of Tyn is a Gothic church from the 60th century, it is one of the greatest Gothic symbols of Prague. The Old Town Hall impresses with its astronomical clock, one of the main tourist attractions in Prague, and its XNUMX-meter high tower.

Prague Castle

This castle marked the beginning of Prague's history when it was built. It served as a royal residence for several centuries and has been occupied by the presidents of the Czech Republic since 1918. The castle has several towers and buildings that are an important part of Prague's heritage. The Old Royal Palace, the Cathedral of Saint Vitus, the Callejón del Oro (in which Kafka's house is located) and the Powder Tower are some examples of historical monuments found in the castle.

The Alley of Gold

The Golden Alley is a narrow street built between the walls of Prague Castle. It is made up of small houses that today house puppet shops, glass, armor and other handicrafts. The Golden Lane is famous above all because it is home to Kafka's house, in which he lived between 1916 and 1917.

The Black Theater

Culture buffs can see a black theater play. It is a type of theater in which the actors dress in black and perform in front of a black background, which allows them to create optical illusions and plays of light. The works are silent, so it is not necessary to understand a specific language to see them. Although black theater has been exported outside the Czech Republic, nothing compares to the experience of seeing it where it originated.

Mount Petřín

For those who like long walks and romantic getaways, Mount Petřín and its gardens are perfect for strolling and taking advantage of the view over the city. The more adventurous can go up on foot through the gardens, but you can also go up by funicular. At the top is the Petřín Tower, a metal structure similar to the Eiffel Tower that offers a view over the Vltava River. You can also visit the mirror maze.

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