San Isidro - Guide to the ski resort in Spain, all the basics and essentials


Travel guide to the San Isidro ski resort in Spain: all the basics and essentials.

San Isidro - Ski resort, León, Spain
San Isidro - Ski resort, León, Spain © Mr. Paperete -

La San Isidro ski resort It is located in a port of the same name that borders the province of León so it can be said that this station is in León.

Inaugurated in the year 1974 has its form in the Cantabrian Mountain Range and is property of the Provincial Delegation of Leon.

It is one of the few that we can find in this region so all the people who come to it with the intention of spending a long time enjoying the snow and the same mountain, do it in this season than in the highest eras, It is usually very busy.

For get to the San Isidro station we do not have it so complicated since the province of León and its surroundings are very easily passable when we go by car therefore, we can take our vehicle to move here although as always, we have to take into account where we are going to go out to know more or less how long are we going to be on the road and if there are difficult roads along the way that you leave behind you before arriving.



Where is San Isidro?

Like we have already said, San Isidro It is an area near the province of León, which is located on the mountain. The station of San Isidro is simply a section of this port where tourists who want to ski are concentrated. In any case, this station is a great space to enjoy with the whole family or to come to practice in case you do not know much about this sport or, you're getting started.

The station of San Isidro, like any other ski resort that we know, has almost 28 kilometers of ski slopes and are distributed in different sectors. Of course as in all, we have the tracks of different colors among which we can highlight 5 green, 9 blue, 13 red and 4 black. These tracks as usual, are separated by colors for the mere fact that some are more difficult to ski than others and have different degrees of difficulty to which we can access in the event that we are more professional or less of this sport.

What facilities do we have in San Isidro?

As in any other ski resort the facilities that can be found in this station are tracks and lifts. The colors we have are exactly the same as we can see in other stations that we have talked about here and they will always be marked according to the danger they have and also the professionalism that must be had when we ski in them. Therefore, we are not saying anything new that we can not find in another station that specializes in this sport.

On the other hand, related to the facilities that we can count on in San Isidro, we also have the ski lifts, including chairlifts and conveyor belts. As we can see, we have everything we need to be with the family, with our friends or our partner and enjoy everything that snow offers us to the fullest.

What can we do at the San Isidro station?

San Isidro - Ski resort in León, Spain
San Isidro - Ski resort in León, Spain © Mr. Paperete -

Asking about what we can do in a ski resort, whatever it is and where it is, it certainly seems like a silly question, because whenever we are in a ski resort we know that we are going to ski instead, there are many other options in this area. type of places so we can not close and think that these stations are only destined to ski, since there are many other snow sports that we can practice.

Do you want to know more details about what we can to do in San Isidro?

One of the most attractive details that the San Isidro station has is that it organizes many guided routes that we can go with the family and thus, be discovering much more about the snow and the place where we are.

Located in the Cantabrian Mountains San Isidro has very good views of which we can enjoy as long as we take a short walk through its immensities.

On the other hand, as in many other ski resorts, also has specialized ski schools where you can learn many things about the sport in fact, many people what they do is that they will take all the philosophy and wisdom of this sport to these schools of the moment thanks to San Isidro, is one of the best ski resorts that we currently have for the practices.

In all the surroundings you also have cafes and small restaurants where you can eat or drink something hot to fight the cold or to be in shape for your new adventures that occur in the trip.

Where can I sleep in San Isidro?

As we always say, when we want to go to a place of travel or to be passing through, we need a place to stay and sleep. This point is one of the fundamental details of the trip and, even before thinking about what we are going to do or how long we will be, we think about what will be our place to rest from all the exhaustion of traveling outside our home. So, if the destination you have chosen is the ski resort of San Isidro, here we want to bring you some places where you can stay for the night.

If we have to talk about accommodation in San Isidro, what we will find most are houses or shelters, since they are located in the mountains and this helps rather than the idea, for example, of being in a hotel.

The rural houses that we are at the foot of the track are very nice and are quite busy because this way, you will not have to leave the track at any time and you can be comfortably without having to walk up and down.

In this case we want to make a special mention that, without being inside what is the station of San Isidro itself, has much fame more than anything because of the cozy and the exterior aesthetics that it has: Francisca's huts It has the particularity of being designed from the ancient castles made entirely from stone and wood and are located a few kilometers from the ski resort.

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