Santa Eulalia: the perfect destination for a holiday in Ibiza

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Planning a vacation is a task full of illusion, imagining the many adventures that the next trip we have in mind will bring us. In Spain, we are lucky to be able to enjoy some of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, such as Ibiza. We are talking about an island that captures the eyes of a large volume of people from all corners of the planet. Now, if you are thinking of traveling to this Balearic region, then we recommend that you do it to Santa Eulalia, one of the most prominent municipalities in the area which, located on the East coast, will leave you speechless.

Where to stay in Santa Eulalia

Wherever you go, the issue of accommodation is one of the first aspects that you must resolve. Depending on the place where you decide to stay, your experience at the destination will be one or the other.. Taking into account the many options that there are in Santa Eulalia, we recommend that you take things easy before making a decision.

En este sentido, the area of ​​Cala Llonga is one of the most outstanding. There you will find all the tranquility you need during the holidays, and that is often missing in Ibiza. In this vein, the Hotel El Pinar It is one of the best options, as reflected in the reviews of its clients. A perfect accommodation for families with children and couples looking for summer relaxation.

Now, regardless of the decision you make regarding the hotel where you want to spend your vacation, It is important that you anticipate the high tourist demand. If you postpone the reservation of your room for too long, you run the risk of running out of space. Anticipation, when we talk about places as crowded as Ibiza, is the best way to act.

What to see in Santa Eulalia

Once you have chosen the perfect hotel in Santa Eulalia, it is time to plan the itinerary. This region has endless activities to do and many places of interest. Therefore, our suggestion is that long before getting on the plane or the ferry to the Balearic Islands, take a pen and paper to write down everything you cannot miss.

One of the most popular spots in Santa Eulalia is the Las Dalias hippy market. A place full of little stalls where you can spend hours contemplating all the crafts. In turn, very close to Las Dalias we find the town of San Carlos, where it is time to try the popular Ibizan herb liqueur.

As for the beaches, you will find landscapes of all kinds. From the cliffs of Aigües Blanques to the black sand of Cala Boix, without forgetting, of course, the crystal clear waters of Cala Nova. In addition, they are perfect environments for practicing water sports, such as paddle surfing, scuba diving and jet skis or, failing that, relaxing under the Mediterranean sun.

How to get to Santa Eulalia

Now that you have all the itinerary done, we want to talk to you about a factor that you should keep in mind from the beginning: how to get to your hotel. It doesn't matter if you travel by ferry or by plane, Santa Eulalia has good public transport connections and, in addition, the main roads of the island pass through it. No stress in your first hours of vacation!

In case you land at Ibiza Airport, our advice is to take a bus. It will take you around half an hour to get to the municipality, for a very affordable price. The taxi, despite being faster (approximately ten minutes), is more expensive. So it's better to save, there will be time to invest your money on the island.If, on the contrary, you arrive by ferry, it will be advisable to take a taxi. Keep in mind that the journey takes about 5 minutes, so it will be really cheap. However, if you are looking for a low cost holiday, you can also take the bus from the port. The journey takes around 20 minutes approximately. Whatever you choose, do it beforehand, so as not to rush; book your routes in advance and everything will go smoothly.

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