Santo Domingo - Travel guide of the Dominican city: all the basics and essentials


Travel guide of the city of Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic: all the basics and essentials.

National Palace, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
National Palace, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic © labalajadia -

Santo Domingo is a city full of life, its beautiful landscapes and the joy of its people make this place a very special place to visit, here tourists will find a great variety of culture, history, architecture and Caribbean tradition. It is a magical place that makes people live an unforgettable experience where rest and fun is the protagonist.

Santo Domingo It offers a wide variety of places, activities, ecosystems, places of interest so that tourists always find something to do. It contains architectural pieces of incalculable value and with great old age, in a tour of the city you will be able to know the stories that have made possible the growth of this site.

The place invites to rest, family union or romance in the couple, everything is designed so that tourists live the best experience according to their plans, there are activities for everyone both day and night, its inhabitants are They are very friendly and they will help you with any questions you have about a place, they are very sociable people and it is possible to interact with them in different circumstances.

Visit Santo Domingo will leave wonderful memories that will never be forgotten, it is worth living this great experience that offers a beautiful landscape with everything you need for rest and fun.



How to get to Santo Domingo? 

The best way to get to Santo Domingo and in general to the Dominican Republic is through the airway, Santo Domingo has a main airport called International Airport of the Americas (AILA) where all tourists can arrive without the slightest problem.

There is a great variety of airlines worldwide that work or have an agreement with another one at this airport. Prices vary a lot and it is possible to find some very low cost depending on the airline and type of flight.

This way to get there is very comfortable and safe, also works the 24 hours of the day for the person to choose the flight at the most convenient time.

What places should be visited in Santo Domingo? 

Santo Domingo beach in the Dominican Republic
Santo Domingo beach in Dominican Republic © Gillio -

In Santo Domingo there are many places to visit, its landscapes and a variety of activities will make this experience very beautiful. These are the most recommended sites and that you can not miss when making a great tour of the city.

The Colonial Zone: here you will find different historical attractions that can be very interesting, do not miss the Fortress of Ozama and the Alcázar de Colón, pieces with great architectural value and great beauty.

Underwater National Park la Caleta: in this wonderful place you will have fun diving lovers, its waters are calm, crystal clear and perfect to dive and share with different marine species that make a beautiful combination of colors.

Dominican Man Museum: in this place you can find the pieces with the greatest historical value, here is a great collection of everything that has to do with the men before the conquest, the Taíno Indians and the pieces of their customs and beliefs.

Botanical Gardens: these gardens are considered to be among the best in the world thanks to their great variety of plants in all species.

Juan Dolio Beach: this beach is ideal for sunbathing while enjoying the wonderful sea that has many charms for you.

There are many places that can be interesting, in addition to the tourist sites there are also many places for fun and dancing.

What are the means of transportation in Santo Domingo? 

In Santo Domingo, although we can move easily on foot, many times it is necessary to use a means of transport, in this city we will find taxis that operate the 24 hours although they are not very cheap.

  • Urban bus, which has a single fare and passes through the main places of the city.
  • Car rental, being such a tourist city many are dedicated to rent cars, sports and beach for people to move themselves in the city, this means can be somewhat expensive.
  • Boats, Santo Domingo is one of the tourist centers where large numbers of cruise ships arrive with visitors from the world, and if you wish, you can go on your own cruise.

What can you eat in Santo Domingo? 

Church of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Iglesia de Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic © photlook -

Santo Domingo is a city with a great gastronomic variety where its main dishes are almost always centered on the combination of plantain, meat, shrimp, sardines and herring.

When visiting Santo Domingo you can not miss the famous "Sancocho Dominicano", a dish that combines the flavor of banana, potatoes, cassava, meat, cilantro and other ingredients that make a delicious dish that becomes one of those preferred by tourists.

In addition to this we can find other famous dishes such as "La Bandera" or "Locrio de Pescado", the dishes in the Dominican Republic are very varied and for all kinds of tastes, there are usually many fried, sweets and desserts which star in each of the dishes you want to eat.

There is a wide variety of restaurants at all prices, each offering several alternatives between meat, chicken, fish, seafood and much more, seasoning varies greatly depending on where you eat but mostly manage to conquer the palate of people .

Going shopping in Santo Domingo 

In this city it is possible to find a variety of shops where different luxury boutiques, shopping centers, galleries and fairs are combined.

We will find the famous model market of Santo Domingo where you will find the largest amount of crafts and a variety of detail throughout the city, in this place tourists can buy different types of crafts and negotiate with merchants to get good discounts.

Throughout the city there are shopping centers of all styles with different products, clothes, accessories and details that can be very interesting.

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