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Skiathos Island Guide (Greece)

In our search for the best greek islands we found the beautiful Skiathos, is a small island bathed by the Aegean Sea located near Skopelos.

It belongs to the wonderful Sporades islands, the westernmost being about 35 km of the island of Euboea.

Al west of the island is the mainland of Greece, practically brushing the Pelion peninsula Through the Cape Sepíade, separated only by 5 km de crystalline sea.

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How to get to the island of Skiathos

By plane

If you have decided to travel to this little paradise can do so much for tue as for a government-protected. The island has the Alexandros Papadiamantis Airport located a 3km of the capital. It is the airport with the shorter runway all Europe, It was built on land attached to the sea and the nearby island Lazareta to unite the two islands and make both a bigger.

There are direct flights to United Kingdom but the rest need stop to refuel at the nearest airport. This airport has all the necessary services, and travel agencytourism offices and rent a car. To go to the center what more viable is to take a taxi to take you directly until accommodation.

There are charter flights that connect Skiathos with the nearby Greek islands and has daily Olimpic Airlines flights from Athens daily during all year, as well as other destinations Europeans but with a lot less regularity So if you finally choose as your vacation destination this polychromatic paradise  of the green pine fieldsblue crystal clear waters and characteristic white of small town houses. The best option, therefore, is that from your the origin fly to him Athens International Airport and there make a scale to the island of Skiathos, one of the islands most visited Famous from Europe.

Our recommendation is that use a good flight comparator to locate the flight that best suits your needs, here we leave one to facilitate the work of looking for.

Once Athens can reach the island through ferry also, it is the best way to enjoy the wonderful island show, in addition to being available for vehicle transport. There is also a offer available de hydrofoils flyingcats departing from the port of Agios Kostandinos, in the ThermopylaeVolosNear Athens, or of Thessaloniki, also connecting with the rest of Sporades islands.

Are quite faster, they take about an hour, but do not allow extra transportation and depend on the weather to make the trip, you have to take into account but that the price is higher.

How can we move around the island of Skiathos?

This island only has roads to the south, east y To the northeast, in the rest of the territory these they are not paved but given the good public transport the vehicle is not necessary and it can even become cumbersome given the difficulty of its dirt roads, especially in the north, so it can do without renting a car and join the flow of inhabitants to savor more of the fantastic Greek culture and hospitality so characteristic.

It has three bus lines . regular which connect All the island on the north and on the south.

It is a small island but quite visited given the magnificence of their pines, which almost practically enter the sea. This fact makes Skiathos the island more green of the whole set of Greek islands and, along with the Mount Pelion in the background, surely offers one of the more wonderful views from its beaches given the bright contrast of sea and mountains.

One of the characteristic trades of this area is the Kaiki, the traditional transport of travelers towards small islands of the surroundings in the own boats of the inhabitants, so it is advisable to get lost is any of the small towns, approach a artisan of the sea And enjoy the unforgettable uninhabited microbes as AchladiesVromolimnosKastro, Lalaria, totally beautiful and unforgettable, or with beaches like Tsougrias.

If you leave from the great port of Skíathos you can also visit the neighboring islands of Skopelos y Alonissos, totally recommended and perfect to round off a perfect trip.

Anyway, if your intention is get more out of the trip and enjoy all the hidden corners, rent a vehicle. We leave you below a car rental comparator so you can see the best offer on the island.

What to see and do in Skíathos?

As already mentioned, the capital of the island is the city of the same name, which is very traditional greek even that has nuances to be very colorful given the different roofs of tiles and the amount of flowers and ornaments.

Skiathos Port Greece
Skiathos Port Greece @https: //

One of the unforgivable places to get lost is the Bourtzi fortress, one of the most beautiful places given all the history that can be contemplated, in addition, it is connected with the capital through a bridge in the port. You can visit the castle ruins and both reconstruction of the St. George's Church as of the fortress itself. You can also enjoy a wonderful view from the Church of San NicolásThe most interesting way to really discover the charm of the island is get hold of a boat as it will be cheaper for you. Also, on beaches like Koukounaries, Kanapitsa and Megali Ammos you can practice multiple sports water sports and even skydiving.

In the city of Skiathos is the museum from the famous artist Alexandros Papadiamantis, from which you can travel to the Greek period of the late nineteenth century. Also in the capital is the Church of the Blessed Virgin Limnia, very interesting to visit.

As we have already recommended, to the north is the fortified city of Kastro, currently unoccupied where you can enjoy three of the most important hermitages, drop by Kastronisia, and discover the wonders of monastery of Our Lady of the Annunciation in the Mount of Karaflitsanaka, getting lost among the monasteries of Agios Jaralambos and of the Blessed Virgin of Kejria, from which you can passionately feel the great Greek culture and its vivid history.

Given the great amount of small monuments that to visit the most advisable thing is to visit every corner because in each small village you can discover precious and valuable historicities.

Recommended beaches in Skíathos

The inhabitants of this idyllic paradise show with pride which is one of the most wonderful beaches in the world, the call Koukounaries, located at southwest of the island and also called the golden sand beach given its amazing golden colorthat gives a warm glow their crystalline waters already inside Pine forest, which culminate in the fantastic lagoon of Strofilia.

Skiathos beach, Greece
Skiathos Beach, Greece @https: //

If you are one of those who make your whole body enjoy the wonders of a magical island la Banana beach it will amaze you, it is totally reserved for nudists(like Trulos), located in one of the most privileged corners all Skiathossurrounded by green nature just a few followed de Koukounaries.

Although the island is small it has more than 60 beaches to explore, among which you cannot miss is Lalaria, Is to northwest and you will need a Boat to get to her, is the quieter and more idyllic to relax since many tourists do not usually arrive. It is natural stone And form arches truly amazing.

Another very quiet and peaceful beach is Eleni, also composed of the greenery of the pines that surround it is wonderful if it is not for you an inconvenience that the sand be more stony.

If you want to travel a greater distance, both by swimming and by boat, so that the reward is the splendid and isolated beaches lost in different islets nearby, try visiting Kastro, going to the north, It can be reached swimming and you can also enjoy a visit to its castle and medieval city. 

Also, thanks to the help of a boat, you can reach up to Tsougriasislet flooded with vegetation completely unoccupied, it is highly recommended to spend a whole day there discovering and walking through the thick green surface and even admire its little church.

If, on the other hand, you do not want to get far from the capital, near the airport you will find Xanemosmagnificent composition of three beaches bathed in beautiful turquoise waters at the bottom of which are distinguishes the island of Skopelos, if you want to walk a little at sunset, after all day sunbathing, you can drop by the ruins of the prehistoric town.

Where to stay in Skíathos?

This island puts at your disposal hotels, apartments and rooms, It is advisable to book in advance since places tend to sell out quickly.

La capital is very alive and busy at night, has all kinds of services and luxuries but above all Leisure and fun. In the part south of Skíathos is Kanapitsa, located in the Cape Kalamaki, where you bet luxury hotels and apartments with all kinds of services as well as water sports.

If instead you want something CalmerAny small town may be the ideal, so dare to discover which is your favorite given your needs and indulge in a vacation of true relaxation, pleasure and time travel.


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