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Guide of the island of Tahiti (French Polynesia)

Tahiti is a natural tourist paradise belonging to France, it is considered as the Island with the largest extension of French Polynesia. With its tropical climate it offers perfect combination of beaches, sea, green life and nature In general, it is a place that inspires rest, adventure and different experiences related to the environment, the intense green, the turquoise blue of its waters and all its species make this place special and different.

In Tahiti and its islands there is a wide variety of routes, ecological trails, nature reserves, historical sites full of culture, tradition and customs, discover all the mysteries that surround this place It is something very interesting that undoubtedly explains why so much beauty and cultural, social and economic development.

Como datos a tener en cuenta, Tahití tiene como lenguaje oficial el Francés, su capital es Papeete y sus tierras fueron de gran inspiración para artistas como Paul Gaugin y Robert Louis Stevenson, a lo largo del recorrido vas a poder saber muchas curiosidades que se albergan en todo el lugar, cada sitio tiene algo que contar y algo con que divertir para hacer de esto una aventura en donde se combinen diferentes emociones con enseñanzas nuevas, una vez estés en Tahití you will let yourself be conquered by its people, its beauty, its nature and each of its activities that will undoubtedly leave an unforgettable memory. 

Why should I visit the Island?

If you like paradisiac places de clear water, White sand beaches full of color and the Wilder nature, Tahiti will be your dream destination.

To those of us who love the beach, the sun and the good weather, we like nothing more than to wake up and lift the blind the blue sky outside. This is a routine on this island where, sure, the stay will be short for everything you have to see...

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How to get to Tahiti?

La mejor forma para llegar a Tahití es por vía aérea, la aerolíneas de casi todo el mundo no cuentan con viajes directos a este destino, es por eso que lo más recomendado es hacer un viaje hasta Francia y de allí uno directo a Tahití.

The prices of the flights usually vary depending on the season, the schedule and the type of comforts that are wanted for the trip, it is possible to find some of low cost especially when there are additional flights.

Otra opción para llegar a Tahití es por la vía marítima, sin embargo es poco utilizada para lugares alejados, esto se usa mucho para comunicar unas islas con otras a través de yates y cruceros.

What places should be visited in Tahiti?

Tahiti - Snorkeling, French Polynesia
Tahiti - Snorkeling, French Polynesia (c) Can Stock Photo

The main tourist attractions of Tahiti focus on plans related to the environment and rest, its beaches are the most visited as well as different green areas, let's see the specific places most visited and preferred by tourists:

  • Notre Dame Cathedral: it was built in 1875 and has a great historical and architectural value, its beauty is worthy of admiration since it combines old and modern details which give it a very special touch.
  • La Taharaa gorge: es un lugar único en donde se puede observar la tarde en una forma muy especial, permite ver la vista panorámica desde la costa de Papeete pasando por las montañas que complementan la imagen de puesta de sol perfecta.
  • Tahiti from the air: an experience that makes you see the island in a different way is through a helicopter overflight.
  • Museum of Tahiti and its islands: founded in 1974 and contains more than four thousand pieces of art in constant exhibition.
  • Gauguin Museum: place where the works that the artist made while he lived on the Island.
  • Venus Point Beach: beach in black sand and hot water.
  • Toaroto Plage: beautiful beach with great marine life, clear blue waters ideal for diving and white beach.

There are many other places that you can visit and that like these allow you to do different activities related to diving, water sports, sport fishing, yacht tours, the beauty of its mountains, trails and much more than in combination They make a perfect place for a well-deserved rest in family or couple plan.

What are the means of transportation in Tahiti?

In the interior of Thaiti we may need a means of transport to get from one place to another, luckily the place has bus lines and taxis that are available to all for any time of need.

Buses go through the main places and are easy to use, taxis are a great option for comfort and accuracy in the place.

Another option is to rent different types of cars, among which are the 4 × 4 or the Scooter, this option can be expensive and requires many safety measures.

In some parts of the island there are still bike and horseback rides, the experience in these media can be something very special that can be used for great experiences.

What can you eat in Tahiti?

Tahiti - Bungalows on the water, French Polynesia
Tahiti - Bungalows on the water, French Polynesia (c) Can Stock Photo

En Tahití podemos encontrar una gran variedad de platos que combinan alimentos para todos los gustos, sin embargo los precios suelen ser muy elevados y encontrar tarifas económicas es  muy difícil.

Something that is very attractive for tourists is the combination of gastronomic traditions from countries such as France, China and Tahitiana where the flavors are highlighted by the good seasoning and the special way in which the dish is served.

There are different fish preparations, among which the mahi mahi (dorado), bluefin tuna, and swordfish stand out. Also reef fish (grouper, snapper, parrotfish, among others) and delicious shrimp, prawns and lobsters.

In addition to this, for those who do not like fish, there are delicious preparations with lamb and cow meats imported from New Zealand.

Chickens, ducks and different birds to which the French flavor is applied and in general are made in different preparations.

The variety of food and good seasoning is something that you will conquer since each recipe has a unique and simply delicious flavor.

In addition to the special dishes we can find appetizers, salads, sandwiches, various pasta preparations and much more.

Going shopping in Tahiti

In Tahiti it is possible to find different shops that combine the crafts made by the islanders with the exclusive brands boutiques, depending on the type of tastes the tourist can go to buy different gifts, souvenirs, accessories, necklaces and details made on the basis of shells and snails .

One of the most desired and exclusive purchases are the pearls of Tahiti, they are very fine pearls used in the most expensive jewelries.