La Pinilla - Guide to the ski resort in Spain, all the basics and essentials


Travel guide to the La Pinilla ski resort in Spain: all the basics and essentials.

La Pinilla - Ski resort in Segovia, Spain
La Pinilla - Ski resort in Segovia, Spain © Mr. Paperete -

The province of Segovia, in the Autonomous Community of Castile and León, has in its territory an impressive ski resort called La Pinilla. Located in the Central System, specifically in the Sierra de Ayllón is this station, which belongs to the municipality of Cerezo de Arriba and is located just one hour from the city of Madrid therefore, if you reside in the capital or you are in it, but you want to ski a little without a doubt, this is one of the best ski resorts that you can find in addition to the closest one.

Segovia It is a great city that has many places to enjoy but, if you want to be able to have a good time in the snow without doubt, La Pinilla, is a must stop. This station is divided into very well distinguished areas such as: La Cabaña, Gran Plato, Testero, Pinillas and Mirador all of them, distinguished by the different altitudes they have with respect to the meters in which the mountain is located.

How can I get to La Pinilla?

As we already know, La Pinilla ski resort is located in the municipal area of ​​Cerezo de Arriba, a territory that is in the Sierra de Ayllón and knowing this, to get there we have very good opportunities, as we find different bus lines that some go from Madrid, others from Burgos these, all direct. However, if you want to arrive quickly and without problems this station, has a good network of roads that lead to it without any mishap that yes, do not forget that you are in the mountains and that the land is not flat. On the other hand, if you come from Madrid, we have already overtaken you before it only separates you an hour's journey from the station to the city, so it is a good alternative to take the car from the capital.



What facilities do we have in La Pinilla?

We have already said in the previous point that this ski resort was divided into several parts all of them, with their frequent slopes and always controlled by the height they are in this way, we can know which places are higher and which sites are they present lower, an information that at the time, becomes quite valuable for those who do not know the station.

On the other hand, and as in all ski resorts that we know, we must attend to the tracks that it has La Pinilla which, separated by colors, are divided into four green, seven blue and thirteen red. In its beginnings it also had a ski slope of black color but at present, it is no longer found.

What can we do in La Pinilla?

La Pinilla - Ski resort, Segovia, Spain
La Pinilla - Ski resort, Segovia, Spain © Mr. Paperete -

When we travel somewhere or want to have a small stay somewhere, we always ask ourselves what we can do there or what it will be worth to see where we are going. In regard to a ski resort, the ideas are much clearer, because in this space the snow is the real protagonist and all the activities that we can do in this place, will be related to it.

If we focus on the La Pinilla ski resort we will have to talk about some activities that, while being the typical ones that we find in all the ski resorts of nowadays in Spain, do not stop being exciting. Next, we want to publicize some of the most popular activities of the place in case you go at some point, you know what you are going to find. You dare?

Ski tracks: classic among the classics, the ski slopes are the real protagonists of the ski resorts because here, people go precisely to that, to ski and enjoy the snow. In La Pinilla, as we have already mentioned, we have different types of stations from which we can choose to ski. This point we always have to value it within the learning that we have in the ski, that is, the tracks are separated by order of major to minor professional and vice versa, it is important that we are pending at this point to save us problems.

Chairlift: the ski lifts are another classic of the ski slopes and it is that this station located in the province of Segovia, deserves to be seen from a much wider and higher perspective as it is offered by these chairlifts therefore, if you are one of the real ones passionate about snow you can not miss this beautiful space and much less, the view that has from the top.

Ski lessons: If you are a big fan of snow but you do not know how to ski, do not worry! In the ski resort of La Pinilla you have very good ski lessons so you can learn a little more about this discipline that many people like so much. These classes are given by specialized monitors and are divided into groups of higher and younger age therefore, if you are concerned about age and because you are not going to fit into any of the groups, do not hurry, as there is for everyone!

Of course, another of the things we can do in the ski resort of La Pinilla is to enjoy the gastronomy in restaurants and food stores that we will find in the same station. If you are practicing sport or giving yourself a walk you will always want to stop for a drink or to taste some food and in this season, you have a good opportunity.

Where can I sleep in La Pinilla?

When we go on a trip somewhere one of the most frequent concerns is undoubtedly where we are going to sleep or spend the night. Accommodation is essential so that our days off are round, therefore, if you are thinking of visiting La Pinilla, you have many very interesting accommodation options.

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