Travel Accessories 2020

We know everything about travel, we have a wide range of accessories and accessories, handbags, laptop cases, suitcases, labels, wallets or mobile phone cases while you are traveling.

We know everything about travel, and our knowledge is not limited to luggage. We know that what you carry in the hand luggage is as important as the content of your suitcase principal. We have a whole series of accessories, handbags, laptop cases, wallets, cases for mobile phones and umbrellas to keep you protected and safe on the go.

Sleep comfortably with one of our travel pillows or our eye masks, keep the organization at all times with our carrier belts, passport covers or toiletry bags, and increase your peace of mind with our essential travel accessories, As the padlocks and luggage tags or universal electrical adapters.


With the help of some travel accessories It is easy to travel comfortably. For example, long airplane trips are more enjoyable with a blanket and a travel pillow, ear plugs and a sleep mask. To make sure that your bags do not weigh too much (and thus avoid fines from airlines), you need a luggage scale.

A good holiday is not the same without these travel accessories Molones, you will have everything controlled at the airport. Protect the contents of your suitcase with a belt and a padlock for luggage and do not forget to add a tag your suitcase to be able to identify it easily.


The travel accessories suitable as padlocks for luggage, travel pillows, security tapes... provide the peace of mind we need to just think about enjoying. If you doubt with the weight a practice suitcase scale It will be your solution. And if you plan to travel to the United States, check that your suitcase has a built-in TSA approved closure or else get a padlock TSA to close your suitcase.




Essential Travel Accessories and Complements

We are going to show you some essential travel accessories that we ourselves use and some that we have thought of buying for our next trips. These travel accessories They are for frequent travelers and casual tourists, what they do is improve the quality of the trip, we have tried almost all and we can attest to its usefulness.


CSL - Universal Power Supply 3 4,5 5 6 7,5 9 and 12V AC DC 1000 mA, 9 Connectors - Travel Adapter
Product: universal power supply with 9 adapters; Input: 100-240 VAC | Output: 3-12 V DC (3,0 / 4,5 / 5,0 / 6,0 / 7,5 / 9,0 / 12,0 V)
16,85 EUR
Brennenstuhl 1508530- English travel adapter
This travel adapter is not an electric transformer or frequency converter; Safe socket for children
8,90 EUR −3,91 EUR 4,99 EUR

We take them everywhere, even when we make weekend getaways or short trips to another nearby city, have a power adapter The trip saves you, especially when traveling to countries where we do not speak the language well.

Imagine trying to buy a adapter In a country where you do not know how to speak the language ... it would be fun.

These compact applianceswhat can you easily carry with you on any transferThey will allow you to connect one or more devices to the current source of the place where you are, adapting their ports as you need.

PADLOCKS TSA (Transportation Security Administration)

Anpro 2 x TSA Security Padlocks - Three Suitcases Lock Code, Black and Two Luggage Tags
We will give you two luggage tag so you can always find your suitcase.
9,49 EUR
Fosmon padlock Suitcase, padlock TSA padlock combination Security Padlocks
[3-DIAL COMBINATION]: Hundreds of possible combinations make it harder to break; [LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY]: Satisfaction guaranteed
16,99 EUR

If you do not have a luggage with lock TSA integrated, we recommend you buy one or two of these. This type of lock has a lock that allows TSA agents (those who check baggage at airports) to open it without breaking the lock.

If you do not have this padlock with lock TSA, they cut the normal padlock, open your suitcase to check it, leave a paper informing that they opened it and they close your suitcase with a seal, but they do not replace the padlock, so we recommend you close the luggage with a padlock. These specials for the TSA.


A travel pillow totally an essential, is your best friend when you have to take several planes in less than a month, without one of these the quality of any trip is very low.

Advantages of using these pillows:

  • Arrive at destination without neck pain, be it by plane, car or train, this pillow Save your neck.
  • Sleeping is easier, you arrive less tired.

In airports there is a rule, there is never a flat surface on which a person lies down, they always put a relief or something that does not allow people to lie down, and that is where this travel pillow, sleeping while sitting is no longer so bad with one of these.


Another of the indispensable is to have a good mask that covers all the light of the environment to be able to sleep, especially if we are sensitive to light.

In airplanes never turn off the lights completely (it has a logical explanation, in case an emergency would occur light would be needed) and knowing that having a travel mask becomes incredibly useful to sleep.


These travel bottles They are of the allowed size to carry in the hand luggage, they can be filled with creams, shampoo, lotions, etc.

The good thing is that you travel bottles They are anti-leak and have suction cups, special for traveling by plane, they adapt perfectly in the changes of pressure.


Luxebell Luggage Scales Digital Scale 50kg LCD Backlight Balance Temperature Sensor with Travel Luggage Battery
Capacity: 50 kg / 110 pounds, Division: 50G / 0.1LB, Unit: KG / LB
8,99 EUR
E-PRANCE Ergonomic Balance LCD Scale / Digital Fishing Scale 50g / 50Kg 0.1lb / 110lb for Luggage Travel Luggage Black Scale
Up to 50 kg measuring capacity with deviation of no more than 0.01kg; Light weight (90 g only) and small size allow you to take it wherever you go
11,98 EUR −0,99 EUR 10,99 EUR

Arrive at the counter to check-in and realize that you suitcase suitcase is 5kg more It's something that can be avoided With one of these, I have one and it has saved me some headaches.

Its use is only that but it is useful, especially for trips to the USA or places where one goes crazy making purchases.


Every so often they ask me which is the best way to carry cash when you travel and the answer is this.

These fanny packs go inside the clothes and they have special pockets for money, passport and credit cards with a plus, they come with two RFID Block CoversIn other words, remote data theft, one for credit cards and the other for a passport.


Headphones like these are ideal for air travelThey come in a headband type so they are very comfortable to sleep on, they cancel the noise of the plane's engine and can be used with the travel pillow (some common headphones make it a little difficult to sleep with that pillow).

If you travel a lotThese headphones must be in your carry-on luggage


How important are luggage identifiers, if you want minimize the chances of that:

  • Se carry your luggage by mistake Tape
  • La airline lose your luggage forever (happens, more often than you think)
  • Take a luggage that is not yours by mistake

You have to put one of these on your luggage.

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