Excursion to the Wieliczka Salt Mines

More than 300 kilometers of galleries, amazing underground lakes and hundreds of rooms decorated with sculptures and machines make these salt mines One of the most visited places in Poland.

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Spanish · 4 hours

Excursion to the Wieliczka Salt Mines

When you think of the places that would be good to visit, when you reach the imposing KrakowWithout a doubt, perhaps you could enter into conflict, since there are many and all are incredible and with an immense story that can be told in many pages.

Now, our mission is to help you decide and choose one of the best options that beautiful Poland has and mainly one of its best and most famous cities, Krakow.

That is why we recommend the excursion to the Wieliczka Salt Mines. This is undoubtedly a wonderful and impressive stop that you must make before leaving Krakow. In it you will find an impressive historical account of a beautiful discovery made in the thirteenth century.

800 years of exploitation made art

These historic salt mines, as you will see, have many years of being exploited, since their capacity is impressive. So much so that the process and separation of minerals from a prudent distance can still be seen today.

However, salt is not really important, but everything you have been able to develop with it. So the mine has 300 kilometers of galleries, sculptures and monuments in honor of the culture and history of the Polish people.

This place is so imposing and important that UNESCO declared it a World Heritage Site in the year 1978. Each of those 300 kilometers of galleries, the 3000 cameras and the 9 levels, have made the mine one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Route of our excursion

The tour begins in the city center of Krakow. From there the trip bus starts in the direction of Wieliczka. which is about 15 kilometers from the starting point.

To start this tour through the mine, you must descend through the 378 steps that make up the staircase. So people who suffer from any phobia or fear of closed places should consider it or take the relevant provisions.

Then, we will enter the tunnels to appreciate each of the 20 cameras full of art and brilliant beauty. They are rooms decorated with paintings and bas-reliefs. You can also see underground lakes and some samples of the peaks and shovels used by workers from that ancient era.

Chapel of St. Kinga

The chapel of St. Kinga is the center of the route, where all the energies come together to have a mystical moment. It is the peak of the route. There you can appreciate the art of salt in all its splendor.

We recommend you to appreciate this place thoroughly and take advantage of portraying each of the elements that are exposed there. Time may be somewhat limited for the extension of it, you just have to pay as much attention as possible and enjoy every detail in these blocks and salt walls.

Important information

  • Duration: 4 hours.
  • Languages: The tour is done exclusively in Spanish.
  • Includes: Round trip from Krakow by bus, Spanish speaking guide and entrance to the mines.
  • Not Included:: supplement to take pictures throughout the tour.
  • When to book: reservations are allowed until the 20: 00 of the previous day (Krakow time) provided there are places left.
  • Cancellation: Free! Cancel without expenses until 3 days before the activity. If you cancel with less time or do not show up, no refund will be offered.


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