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This guided tour is the best way to save money and Get to know the most important of Rome and the Vatican in just one day. Discover in 6 hours the most fascinating of the Italian capital. As an additional advantage over seeing these places on your own, when doing the guided tour we We will skip the endless queues of the Vatican Museums, the Colosseum, the Roman Forum and the Palatine.

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Spanish · 10 hours

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Guided tour of the Vatican Colosseum, Forum and Roman Palatine

What to visit in beautiful Rome?

In our tour you can fully enjoy the most important sites of interest in the Italian capital. With a practical guide you will have the most striking and fascinating places of ancient Rome and each area to visit, accompanied by our experienced guides.

The tour begins at the Holy See, the Holy City of the Vatican, to enter its three most important places, as well as its historical review, including the dark parts of deception and lust.

The first thing to enter is to go through the pretty St. Peter's Square, where you can appreciate the magnificent view of the Basilica of San Pedro, and then continue on to the Vatican museums.

Vatican Museums: It is an extensive collection of works, sculptures and paintings in various galleries. We will tour the following galleries:

  • The Gallery of the Tapestries:Surprise the huge tapestries that cover the walls of this gallery, some of more than 4 meters in size.
  • The Candelabra Gallery: It takes its name from these monumental chandeliers and marble columns. Made between 1785 and 1788.
  • Gallery of Maps: Pope Gregory XIII had this hall painted and the brightness of this gallery highlights the series of maps of the Italian regions between the years 1580 and 1585.
  • Courtyard of the Belvedere It is impossible not to visit this large elongated patio, where we can appreciate works such as The bronze Pineapple, The Sphere with Sphere, among others.

The Sistine Chapel: The residence of the Pope and headquarters of the Conclave. It is in this chapel that they elect a new pope. It has works by Michelangelo, such as The Creation and The Last Judgment.

St Peter's basilica: in it is the tomb of the Apostle. It is the largest and most important religious temple of Catholicism, where important liturgies are celebrated.

At the end of lunch and a relaxing break, we will continue to enjoy ancient Rome, where we can feel and see how the Great Roman Empire was born. In the hand tour with the guide experts you can relive the great history of its monuments, such as:

The Roman Colosseum or The Flavian Amphitheater: The largest amphitheater in the world was a wooden platform covered with sand. Various beasts and traps could be seen on the ground during the death bouts between Gladiators and condemned, for delight and show for the people.

The Roman forum: It was the center of the city, symbol of Roman power and advanced social life. There, commerce, religion, prostitution and the administration of justice took place.

The Roman Palatine: Where Romulus founded Rome and built his residence. It is here that the Empire was born and established as the official residence of the Roman emperors.

Forget about the long lines to enter and buy, since in the tour you will have privileged access, fast and safe.

Important information

  • Duration: 10 hours.
  • Languages: The tour is done exclusively in Spanish.
  • Includes: Spanish-speaking guide who is an expert in the field, skip-the-line entrance to the Vatican Museums, skip-the-line entrance to the Colosseum, Forum and Palatine Hill and use of headphones to better follow the explanations.
  • Not included: rise to the dome of St. Peter's Basilica.
  • When to reserve: reservations are allowed until the 23: 00 of the same day (Rome time) as long as there are seats.
  • Cancellation: Free! Cancel without charges until 24 hours before the activity. If you cancel with less time or do not show up, no refund will be offered.


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