Guided tour of the Schindler factory

The German businessman Schindler risked his life to save his Jewish employees from concentration camps. With this tour of its factory in Krakow You will discover how he succeeded.

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Spanish · 1,5 hours

Guided tour of the Schindler factory

At the time of the Nazis there was a German who built his place in history for his good deeds. This is none other than Oskar Schindler, who put his life at risk in order to save his Jewish workers from going to concentration camps.

Who was Oskar Schindler?

Schindler rubbed shoulders with the top of the Nazi leaders, although he was originally part of the SS as an informant. When the invasion of Poland occurred, he was able to seize a pot factory with which he began the manufacture of expedition utensils. His first contacts with the Jews were a consequence of expensive German labor. They were farm workers, which could pay them a lower salary.

What he never imagined is that he would know about a truth so cruel that it would change the course of his life. He discovered what were the cruelties to which the Jews who were imprisoned by the Nazis were exposed. Schindler decided that his workers should remain inside the factory to avoid being trapped or taken into Nazi custody.

After some time the manufacture of pots and utensils ceased to be lucrative, so he ventured into the development of projectile capsules. But in order not to contribute to the killing of innocents, Schindler ordered them to be manufactured with defects. His feat protected more than 1200 Jews from being sent to the concentration camps.

Why should the Schindler factory be known?

First, the Schindler factory became famous after the great American filmmaker Steven Spielberg launched his famous film "Schindler's List" to the world. It shows all the skills that Oskar had to do to save his workers from Nazi extermination.

Schindler's factory perennially shows all traces of Nazi cruelty and how he was able to save the lives of so many Jews, even putting his own at risk. The exhibition has a series of photographs and recordings (visual and auditory) that describe in detail those moments so harmful to humanity.

The factory has been transformed so that each of its rooms represents a point in history, each seen from different perspectives. You can know how the workshops and offices were when she was in operation. The effects of the Nazi invasion of the Polish people and the subhuman conditions that the Jews had to endure during that time can be clearly felt.

For many this is a reminder of how cruel humanity can be against itself, for others it is a reason for a change in attitude towards life. Everyone who visits this factory will have a different opinion, but above all a different life learning.

Do not forget to enjoy our guided tour of this factory and delve into the reality of an era with the best tour guides in the city. Their stories and stories will make you feel that you live and are part of that era.

Important information

  • Duration: 1,5 hours.
  • Languages: The tour is done exclusively in Spanish.
  • Includes: Spanish speaking guide.
  • Not Included:: entry.
  • When to book: Book as soon as possible to ensure availability, especially on bridges and holidays.
  • Cancellation: Free! Cancel without expenses until 3 days before the activity. If you cancel with less time or do not show up, no refund will be offered.


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