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Tours & excursions in Brussels

Brussels, the largest city in BelgiumIt is not only its capital, but it is also the political capital of the European Union. its historical Center gathers an important collection of buildings and monuments excellently preserved. These attest to the wealth of a city that for a time was a major commercial center.

It is currently a monumental city, with many large buildings and places full of charm and great animation that is worth knowing.

What to do in Brussels?

You can start the visit by the most famous thing to see in Brussels, The Grand Place, the heart of the city and a stunning beauty plaza. Formerly it was the market place.

With the City Hall, the King's house, where inside this is exposed photos of the famous niño meon. You must also take into account the beautiful housing de unions like those of bakers, brewers, tailors.

Every two years, during the 15 day in August, the square is completely upholstered with flowers, which is a unique and very beautiful show. If you are in these dates in the Belgian capital, admiring this impressive tapestry is one of the most memorable things that can be done in Brussels.

Another unmissable destination are the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium, which are a group of four museums, including the Museum of Ancient Art, the Museum of Modern Art, the Constantin Meunier Museum and the Atoine Wiertz Museum. Drawings, sculptures that cover a period from the fifteenth century to the present.

We can not talk about great symbols of Brussels without mentioning the Atomium, which is a structure that represents the image of an atom increased to 200.000 millions of times. It was erected in the year 1958 during a universal exhibition and has more than 100 meters in height, the upper sphere has a restaurant and offers excellent panoramic views of the city from within.

Visit the best known brewery in the world

Belgium is the beer paradise. It is one of the countries with the longest beer tradition in the world, it is said that its inhabitants ingest more than 100 liters of this drink per year. Well-known beers such as Stella Artois, Duvel or Leffe coexist with hundreds of handmade products that are served throughout the city.

Try some of their beers is one of the must-see activities in this city. For this there is no better place to do it in the brewery that has the largest variety of beers from around the planet, the Delirium

With its characteristic emblem of the pink elephant, located in a narrow alley near the Grand Place, has more than 3000 international brands of beer in his letter and has long since surpassed the record that gave him the Guinness record.

This brewery has a great atmosphere every day, has two floors and performs activities of different styles, such as music concerts. It is a good option to start your night of drinks if you are going to move around the center of Brussels.

Art, design and historical symbols that will dazzle you

With the same symbolic significance as the Grand, Place, we find a bronze statue from the 17th century, which represents a child urinating, which became a fountain to an icon of the whole of Belgium.

El Manneken Pis has suffered several attempts of robbery throughout its history, it is for this reason that the statue that is observed in the square of the street of L'Etuve is a replica, retaining the original to the shelter of the museum of the city.

Half of the days of the year the statue shows some kind of dress, since Louis XV gave him the first of them. In this way, the tradition of giving Manneken dresses was born. She has near 900 dresses and they are exposed in the city museum.

The religious clashes in the capital also left extraordinary buildings such as the cathedral of Brussels. Officially known as Cathedral of San Miguel and San Gúdula, It is the main Catholic church in Brussels and one of its most important monuments.

Another church that you can not miss is the one of Notre Dame du Sablon, built during the fifteenth century. This place of medieval pilgrimage has a central nave of impressive luminosity, thanks to its 11 stained glass windows over 15 meters high.

The city of Bruges is one of the best preserved medieval cities in the world, compared on many occasions to that of Venice and declared by UNESCO as a world heritage site.

Another essential city is the city of Ghent, where architectonic jewels like his castle or the cathedral are welcomed, in which the emperor Charles V was baptized.

And if what you like is luxury, you can not miss the city of Antwerp, where diamonds are the distinctive feature of this, since it produces almost the 85% worldwide. Any, the city of Brussels has its charms and it should not be left out of your travel list.


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