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Tours city guide (France)

Tours it is a simply charming city. It is said that he has a bit of Paris in his veins, and it is called "the city of art and history".

He lived through very difficult times in human history, and the result is impressive. It is a place to stay longer, it is useless to know it in one day. You can discover in its entrails from the Middle Ages to World War II narrated in the structure of the city, the architecture and the culture of Tours.

It also offers a natural spectacle that you will not find elsewhere, the Lora River is a gift. Do you want to know more about Tours?

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Arriving at Tours

El train High-speed routes link Tours with Paris, and medium-distance routes with several major cities, such as Le Mans and Lyon. It's worth going by train just to see the station; In 1895 the old one was demolished and a new one was built, an engineering marvel.

Another widely used option is the plane. There is an airport a few kilometers from the city, it is known as the Lora Valley airport. You can access by road just 10 minutes from Tours, with a bus. There is also a train line from the city that goes to the airport, in 20 minutes you are in the center.

Get around town

To visit interesting things in Tours you have to move. For this you have the train, although within the city it has few stops. Only the main one, which is in the center, one stop before, and the one that takes you to the other side of the river. The latter is the favorite of tourists, to cross the river. Besides that, it is used more to visit other towns around.

El bus urban is the most used transport. There is no tram, so it is almost the best option there is. There are two lines for inter-urban travel, Fil Vert and Fil Bleu.

Interesting activities in Tours

The first thing is to know the city center, where the neighborhoods contrast dramatically. The Chateauneuf neighborhood, Tours Viejo and La Cité are so different that, when you go from one to another, it seems that you have changed cities.

Only two neighborhoods survived from the Middle Ages, the rest were razed in World War II and later rebuilt. The monuments that remained and those that were raised again tell the story of this beautiful city.

The most important monuments, which many consider essential, are the Castle of Tours, the cathedral (which was built between the XNUMXth and XNUMXth centuries), the Sanctuary of San Martín and the Plumereau Square. This square has several monuments from the XNUMXth century, with the characteristic style of the Old Quarter. It is the center of Tours nightlife, with bars, cafes and restaurants; not only for tourists, but also for locals. Don't forget the Town Hall and the Palace of Justice. Take a walk around the surroundings, you will discover more old buildings.

The different museums scattered throughout the city are also interesting. Highlights the Museum of Fine Arts, which is also located in a XNUMXth century building, with paintings and sculptures of French art that tell the story of the Middle Ages. Here you will probably understand why it is called 'The City of Art and History', because they narrate each other. Other museums to consider are the railroad museum, the guild museum, or the military museum.

But ... something is missing, right? Clear! We lack nature.

An alternative to the beach in Tours

Tours, France - Wilson Bridge
Tours, France - Wilson Bridge (c) Can Stock Photo

You will understand that I am not going to send you more than 200 kilometers to see the beach ... although if you want to do it, I am not against it. You have Nantes west of Tours, which is already closer to the sea.

But if you want to spend a day in nature, there is an alternative. It is not about the sea, but you will find water: it is about the Rio Lora. This river runs through the city, and you can embark on an excursion that you will never forget. Going through the Lora Valley through the river has a prize: This area has up to 42 Castillos, which have been baptized as The castles of the Lora.

The reason there are so many is that Tours was once the capital of France, and the king had them built. Going along the river from Tours to the west you can see at least 5 or 6 castles almost on the shore. The closest are Plessis les ToursCinq Mars la PileVillandryLangeaisLe ReauxUssé y Montsoreau. Going east there are also more castles ... I leave it to you to discover what they are. What I will tell you are the most impressive: Villandry, Chenonceau and Amboise.

In addition to the castles, the landscape offered by the Lora river is wonderful. Not for nothing is it called 'The Garden of France'.

Where to sleep

This is a delicate and important part of the vacation. To get a good rest you need a good place to sleep. Such a touristic city has a variety of prices and qualities.

An interesting area to find a hotel is near the train station, especially if you have to use this transport. It is also in the Tours center and you have many things nearby. For example, the hotel Oceania L'Univers Tours 4-star hotel with views of the Town Hall and a few steps from the Vinci Congress Center. It is about 100 meters from the station and you sleep very well. The building is amazing.

Kyriad Tours Center It is a cheaper hotel, with all the services you need and also in the center. The building is newer, with simple but elegant finishes. You will rest well and recharge your batteries to continue investigating the streets of Tours.

If you are traveling in a group or with your family, you may be interested in an aparthotel. The Séjours in Affairs Tours Léonard da Vinci is in the center. It has a very good price and has all the services.

Tours it is a city with many possibilities. Discover the history behind the castles and walls. Are you coming?


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