Guide of Athens, Greece

Athens, the capital of Greece, is a city steeped in history that has its tourist attraction based on very important archaeological remains and interesting to know.

Also in this city of the European continent you can see buildings from the classical period of that country and Roman and Byzantine monuments that are preserved.

How to get to Athens

Athens has the Eleftherios Venizelos national and international airport. This means that the capital of Greece can be reached by plane, directly or by scale. For this route, it is necessary to consult the airport of each country or airline companies to verify the schedules and stopovers in certain countries.

You can also travel to Athens through boat from European cities de Venice, Bari, Ancona or Brindisi. In Patras is the port of arrival, at 200 kilometers west of Athens. In addition, it can be reached by train to the Greek capital from Turkey, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Albania.

The best places to meet in Athens

The capital of Greece has many places to know and excursions to make due to the history that crossed the city. One of the excursions that can be made in Athens is Oracle of Delphi. This place is considered the navel of the world since it coincides with the myth of the two eagles that Zeus released from both ends of the world. In this historical place you can see the stadium, the theater and the Temple of Apollo. You can also appreciate the archaeological site with the treasures (temple or pavilions) of the polis of antiquity.

Another wonderful place with historical content to visit in the Greek capital is the Poseidon's temple on a trip next to Cape Sounion. Here you will visit the Apolo Coast, which is located about 70 kilometers from Athens, in which there is a cliff and the Temple of Poseidon with a fantastic view of the coast and the sea. In this place it is possible to bathe in the crystal clear waters.

On another excursion you can visit the Panathenaic Stadium of Athens in which the first Olympic Games of modern times were held, in the year 1896. Here you can enjoy a panoramic visit to important buildings of the city: the Catholic Church, the Museum of the Currency, the Faculty, the Academy and the National Library. And you can also visit the new museum of Acropolis which stands out for its modern architecture.

Plaka neighborhood, Athens © anastasios71 -
Plaka neighborhood, Athens © anastasios71 -

Athens also has parks and gardens that are attractive to tourists. He National Garden It has a surface of more than 160 thousand square meters and the gardens that are there have more than 500 different types of trees and plants, which are coming from different parts of the world.

La Lycabetic Hill It is another fascinating place to visit and enjoy in the Greek capital. It is a small mountain of 278 meters high in which you can appreciate Athens from a breathtaking view. This place is indicated to visit at sunset.

On the other hand, the Hill Filopapo is located to the southwest of the Acropolis and is one of the best places to see the city from the top.

Other of the most wonderful places in Athens and with a lot of history is the Agora Romana, which is also called the Roman Forum. This site was in ancient times the public square of Athens in which they met and the central market was located. Today you can see the Tower of the Winds, which is a polygonal building of the second century BC and you can also see small parts of the columns in the courtyard.

Other places to meet in Athens

Ancient Acropolis Theater © Dimitrios -
Acropolis Theater © Dimitrios -

Athens is also a significant city in terms of art and also shows. There are theaters that operate outdoors. He Herodes Ático's odeon theater is one of them and is located at the foot of the Acropolis. This theater was built in the 2nd century BC. You can also visit the theaters located in the hills of Licabeto and Filopappos. Between the months of May and October the Festival of Athens takes place in the Greek city, an event with performances of opera, dance and classical Greek theater.

In addition, there are some companies that make excursions on a cruise through Athens that allow you to go through the different islands of the Saronic Gulf. On these excursions you can visit the oldest Doric Temple, the so-called Temple of Afea. You can get to know the island of Poros and also the island Hydra by the Aegean Sea.

Other places of Athens to contemplate are The Parliament, the Zapion and Syntgama Square. You can take a tour of the Greek Parliament, go to Panepistimiou street and there you can see neoclassical buildings that signify a stage of architectural evolution of the Greek capital.

Other places to visit there are the Numismatic Museum, the Ophthalmology Center and the University. On the Pesmazoglou street you can see that there are very beautiful shopping arcades that contain bookstores. You can also go to the Zapion church, which is a large Byzantine style palace belonging to the eleventh century.

The districts of Plaka and Monastiraki

Finally, the Plaka neighborhood and Monastiraki It is another fascinating place to visit in Athens. It is a neighborhood with narrow and colorful streets with stairs and small squares. There are also some shops and taverns for al fresco dining. In the same place, along Ifestou Street, there are small shops that sell local crafts and shoes, clothes, discs and books, among other things.

Plaka is a place frequented by tourists and people who live in Athens. It is an ideal place to walk and eat as it offers peace of mind because vehicle traffic is fully restricted. It is a neighborhood in which you can taste the typical foods of the place, with music from the city and enjoy the beauty of Athens, visiting fascinating places in a zone of great harmony that allows you to relax.

Athens: Essential Guide
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