Granada: Essential Guide

The Alhambra in Granada, Spain
The Alhambra of Grenada, Spain - © mrks_v -



Granada: guide with the most important things to see and the best activities to do.

La province of Granada It was occupied by the Arabs in the 18th century and ended up reaching its greatest splendor with the Nasrid dynasty that lasted from the 1238 year until the 1492 year.

Undoubtedly, this was the beginning of a new Granada in which artisans, merchants, scientists and various privileged minds began to contribute, which managed to make this city that we know today a focus of exchanges of culture and commerce that ended up distributing good part of the world.

However, once the city was taken by the Catholic Monarchs in the year 1492 and having expelled the Moors from it, this place began its Renaissance foundations that made it even more beautiful.

In the nineteenth century likewise, suffered a terrible crisis but as we can see today Granada, is still one of the magic spots of Spain that everyone wants to know.

How can I get to Granada?

Well-known its history and origin the habitual thing for those people that want to know the city is to make them know how to arrive at the same. As always, we have different ways to get to it but the most comfortable is undoubtedly doing it through the itinerary marked by bus and train lines or by car if you are close to it or do not care Take a long trip if you are coming from the north of Spain.

The city of Granada in its style and oldest state is full of narrow streets where the Alcaicería is located, which is the reconstruction of an old Moorish neighborhood that burned at 1843. The two main squares in which Granada is divided are La Rambla, which is in the vicinity of the Cathedral and Plaza Nueva.

From the latter mentioned, we can reach the most important places in the city and also the popular monuments of the Alhambra (which will be discussed later) and the Generalife. We also have on the back of the Albayzín neighborhood which is very popular and is located on a hill from which you can see the entire city.
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What can I see in Granada?

Gardens of the interior of the Alhambra in Granada, Spain
Gardens inside the Alhambra in Granada, Spain - © nito -

The city of Granada is worth discovering little by little since it has many interesting corners and also has an important heritage and historical heritage that we can enjoy and also know many points that surely, remember forever.

La Alhambrais the great protagonist of the city of Granada; beautiful, colossal and with a lot of personality is the authentic monument and empire by which people from all over the world want to visit this place.

The building of the Alhambra is magical in itself; the use made of light and space and, above all, of decoration, characterize this architectural work that was built by the Nasrid caliphs Ismael I, Yusuf I and Mohamed V who put all their efforts into this earthly paradise where the light and beauty something that even today can be appreciated with total clarity. The materials that were used in its construction were not very complex but they do a combination without equal and have a great symmetry. Eye to the purchase of Alhambra tickets, which is sometimes saturated and it is not easy to get hold of one of them.

The Alhambra is divided into several parts and its complex as a whole includes the royal houses, the citadel, the palace of Charles V and the Generalife. The Patio de los Arrayanes stands out, which is the central pond and makes up the brightest part of the whole and basically all the beauty that awaits us inside.

The Hall of Ambassadors has a colossal roof and was built between the years 1334 and 1354 as a representation of the seven heavens of the cosmology of Islam. Continuing with the interior tour we would reach one of the largest areas of interest we know; the Patio de los Leones, which was built by Mohamed V and also has a lot of light. It is formed by support arches for 124 columns and in the center we find the famous fountain that gives name to the space formed by the figure of 12 picturesque lions.

El Generalifeif we take the north side of the Alhambra we will go with the Generalife through a small path that goes downhill east, it was the old summer residence of the Nasrids. Its name comes to mean "the high paradise" and is that we are from here with the immensity of the city and the incredible sunsets. The gardens that were started in the thirteenth century have already undergone several reforms over the centuries, although originally served as gardens and pastures. The Generalife currently operates as a place where dance, music and theater performances are held.

Undoubtedly, the Nazari cultural legacy is in these two buildings that we have explained previously and are a must if we go to the city of Granada which is one of the most beautiful in Andalusia.

However, in this small but well-used city we can also find central streets with all kinds of activities. The communication is quite good although you can go everywhere by taking a simple walk and in this way, do not miss anything of what the territory offers.

Tapas by Granada

Palace of Carlos V in Granada, Spain
Palace of Carlos V in Granada, Spain - © neirfy -

In this guide, in addition to mythical places that we have to see, one of the great reasons why individuals from all over the world come to Granada, tapas, could not be missing. Eating tapas is a local classic and it is that if there is a place in Spain where eating is cheap and good, that is Granada.

Only with the consumption of a drink will you be entitled to a tapa and this, not only in a punctual bar but you can do it in all parts of the city. Is not it great? If you are interested in this topic, do not forget to visit

Granada also boasts to be one of the cities with the greatest cultural offer and in its streets we can find all kinds of offers of concerts, festivals, theaters, film cycles and not only during the weekend but also on weekdays where you can find almost everything to enjoy the greatest show.

Without a doubt, Granada is a city worth visiting and visiting little by little, therefore, if you want to go on a cheap and charming holiday, the city of Granada is your place.

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